Marketing Analytics Manager

Manager with over ten years of experience in predictive modeling and database marketing. I analyzing marketing performance based on the segments and recommend contact strategies to maximize revenue and profit.  I analyze and transform quantitative and qualitative data, with a strong analytical and conceptualization skill. I possess good mastery of predictive modeling procedures, logistic regression, desciminant analysis and decision tree models in finance, telecoms and healthcare fields.  With my broad knowledge of data structures, formats, trends and characteristics, I am equipped to ‘hit the ground running’.  I am skilled and effective in  developing, organizing and communicating ideas, leading and contributing to cross-functional teams.  I have  an innate passion for manipulating, analyzing and transforming data into information required to make sound business decisions.  Core competencies include proficiency or intimate knowledge of the following key areas:


·         Marketing Analytics

·         SPSS

·         Data transformation

·         SAS (Base, Macro, etc)

·         Project Management

·         Data / predictive modeling

·         PL/SQL

·         Quantitative analysis

·         Statistical and Probability Models




MS, Information Systems and Technology Management,

The George Washington University School of Business, Washington, DC, 2007

GPA: 3.6/4.0

Major Areas: Information Resources Management, Decision Support Systems, Database Systems and Statistics


BS, Statistics, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, 1994

GPA: 3.0/4.0

Major Areas: Biometrics Methods, Econometrics, Statistical Inference, Design and Analysis of Experiment, Multivariate Analysis




UNITED HEALTH Group, Minnetonka, MN                                   Jan. 2009 - Present 


Sr. Marketing  Database Manager

Supported future marketing campaigns and analyze the performance of past campaigns, serving as a key player in the team’s marketing development. Developed, tested and deployed predictive, attrition and acquisition models to support marketing efforts.

·         Manage internal customers by liaising with marketing managers to assess needs, identify constraints and limitations, develop action plans and design solutions to support their efforts. This approach significantly reduced our clients’ turn around time for all of their major projects.

·         Served as a key resource in understanding available and obtainable data and in a healthcare environment deluged with data from disparate databases from dozens of sources and security hiccups due to government effort to protect health information.  Department saved $4,700 in 4th quarter 2009 in payment to third parties for master data information, extraction and reporting.

·         Reduced model development time by 50% by developing and managing robust and concise SAS and SQL codes and designing re-usable and easy-to-maintain codes in predictive behavioral modeling. Performed ad-hoc analysis and reporting in support of the marketing teams.

·         Presented findings, results, scores and other deliverables to stakeholders, departmental heads and  other non-technical audience in the language of their business.

Lincoln Financial Group, Radnor, PA                                       2008 - 2009 

Sr. Marketing  Database Analyst

Collaborated with business process owners to identify opportunities; analyze scenarios, defined business requirements, and designed and implemented solutions intended to elicit a better understanding of customers’ financial history, behavioral and historical purchase patterns and other relevant variables to construct the basic building blocks for a number of models.

·         Employed advanced analytics that focus on predictive modeling, forecasting and optimization to provides answers to critical business questions such as “Why is something happening? What happens if trends continue? What's going to happen in the future?"

·         Owned full life cycle project from analysis to development to deployment and measurement / impact assessment of “At-risk” model, cross-sell / up-sell model, acquisition and turnover analysis and profitability and lifetime value model.

·         Performed complex data mining and aggregation; merged multiple datasets to develop a streamlined, efficient representation of transaction lifecycles. Also oversaw data validation and massaging to ensure accuracy and quality of data.


VWR International, West Chester, PA                                      2007 – 2008           

Database Marketing Specialist

Proactively supported marketing effort and campaigns through marketing analytics, data mining, extraction and transformation, statistical analysis and modeling of customer data. Extracted, cleaned and potentially merged data with other data and performed statistical analyses to better understand customers and customer behavior in order to create a consolidated view and insight into intrinsic patterns.

·         Saved in excess of $20,000 annual by creating customer profiles identifying key groups of customers and mechanisms for increasing sales. Eliminated the need to contract a third party to handle customer data and mailing list.


Interconnect Clearinghouse Limited, Lagos, Nigeria        2002 – 2006              

Manager, Information Systems

Provided technical and analytical consultation to the team that developed business and technical blueprint and set standards. Managed three large scale projects with costs in excess of 2.3 million dollars on time, under budget and top notch quality.

·         Pioneered the business model that is today being copied by new entrants. Greatest challenge was having no other company to use as a benchmark as we were the first telecom clearinghouse in Africa.

·         Designed, installed, configured and optimized Oracle 9i database running on HP-UX with 100% availability and 0% data loss or corruption. Managed a mission-critical Storage Area Network (SAN) made up of seven HP servers.

·         Supervised the management backup, archival and restoration when necessary of call data records of over 1.5 terabyte daily. Achieved a record-in-dispute status of less than 3% (acceptable threshold was 5%).


XANFUN Nigeria Limited, Ibadan, Nigeria                                                                 1996 – 2002           

Statistical Data Analyst

Analyzed large datasets using statistical packages mainly SAS. Employed Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Experimental Design techniques to analyze data. Produced reports from various analysis and forecasting future trends, ensuring strict adherence to the Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP)

·         Ensured that the proper tools were used to manage, extract, analyze & report data. Acquired a broad knowledge of clinical trials processes and data structures which was used to train younger analysts.

·         Reduced annual overhead cost by 5% by developing program modules for analyses to be utilized across datasets. Also wrote programs to analyze data with statistical methods not currently available through commercial software packages. Designed user interfaces to these programs in Visual Basic.

·         Analyzed clinical trial data for Biometric division of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (lITA) and economic data for Nigeria Institute for Social and economic Research (NISER). For this, XANFUN won IITA’s contractor of the year award four times in six years.