Direct Marketing/Modeling

Hands-on, innovative, and goal-oriented leader with more than 10 years of combined experience with client consultation and advancement of global corporations with strategic and technical thinking. Experienced in project and cross-functional team management. Strong background in web and marketing analytics, quantitative and data management, and programming. Consistent impact on revenue enhancement. Team builder with exceptional ability to develop and maintain client relationships:

Planning/Strategy • Leadership • Goal Setting • Performance Assessment • Coaching • Circulation Marketing
Direct Marketing • People Management • Consulting • Brand Development • Data Analysis • Data Mining
Project Management • Marketing Research • Statistical Analysis • Analytics (Consumer/Online Behavior)


HTP Creative Group, CA · February 2009-Present
Professional services group specializing in developing innovative solutions that facilitate brand development and growth, decision support, and flow of information. Provides graphics, video, data, and analytics services.

Director - Data/Analytics: Recruiting and maintaining client relationships. Responsible for data and analytics.

·   Build econometric models to predict outcomes for unemployment, retail sales, consumer spending and housing starts.
·   Develop statistical models to support customer segmentation, acquisition and retention.
·   Create statistical testing programs to measure and improve on-going performance of marketing and strategic initiatives.
·   Pitch to prospective clients to obtain and maintain their business.

National Pen, California · March 2008-January 2009
A Berwind corp. portfolio company providing highly personalized ad specialty products worldwide. National Pen is a leader in the promotional products industry, targeting small to medium size businesses and marketing innovative products direct to them through direct marketing channels and via the web.

Director - Database and Analytics: Provided strategic direction, managerial leadership, supervision, guidance, and mentorship to department staff and was accountable for departmental commitments. Developed and communicated strategy to implement the objectives of the organization and guided others in linking their activities to the objectives. Took lead role in creating and articulating database-marketing strategies. Led team in addressing and analyzing direct marketing programs. Evaluated internal client needs for analytics and applied appropriate techniques to help them make critical improvements in their marketing capabilities.   Collaborated with clientele base to identify key process and measurement gaps, partnered with IT and external vendors to develop a solution plan, and spearheaded the implementation of the solution set .
·   Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness by implementing techniques to identify and clean Duplicates on customer file.
·   Decreased potential bad debt by a projected $250K/yr by establishing routines to identify likely offenders for action by the Credit department.
·   Laid foundation for increased profitability through data mining and a customer-profiling schema for improving response rates and reducing ad cost.
·   Tackled margin degradation by segmenting and targeting customers based on price sensitivity models.

Reader's Digest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin · 2007-2008
$2.6B global multi-media publishing and direct marketing company.  RDA reaches millions of consumers through more than 25 magazines and publishes approximately 50 million books annually.   Products are marketed through a wide range of channels including direct mail, display marketing, direct response television, catalogs, retail, and the Internet.

Manager - Database Marketing and Analysis: Directed and led a team in list selection for internal marketing campaigns, list rental for mailers and brokers, and database management and modeling. Managed a staff of professionals and worked closely to set goals, aligned and executed objectives, planned and monitored performance, provided coaching and feedback, advanced career development, and delivered a quality product in a timely manner. Coordinated workload distribution and assessed strengths among staff to maximize effectiveness. Collaborated in cross-functional team settings involving areas such as circulation, book marketing, tour and catalog, and MIS to develop strategies and ensured productive synergies between stakeholders and functions. Managed relationships with 3rd party data warehousing vendors and the Reader's Digest list rental broker. Negotiated database budget and related services as appropriate and approved database and list rental invoices.

·   Decreased staff turnover by 50% and boosted employee satisfaction by implementing targeted recruiting, suggesting that HR revisit compensation structure, and instituting a cross training career development program.
·   Increased output ability of direct marketing campaigns team and doubled direct marketing campaign capabilities.
·   Increased list rental order fulfillments by 40% through implementation of cross training and improvement of team morale.
·   Cemented future influx and retention of top talent and enhanced productivity of work environment and staff morale through general restructuring and realigning of functions.
·   Enhanced efficiency and reduced waste through implementation of e-mail campaigns and other digital initiatives.

HTP Creative Group, Washington, DC · 2006-2007
Professional services group specializing in development of creative solutions that facilitate information flow and brand development and growth. Provides graphics, data, and analytics services. Grossed over $100,000 in 2006.

Consultant: Launched firm. Negotiated and recruited new clients and maintained relationships with existing clients. Researched and analyzed data and potential data integrity issues.
·   Boosted online presence of a major member of the automotive industry by reviewing and providing web analytics implementation consultation to ensure consistency and use of best practices.
·   Enhanced operational efficiency for a client through creation of a framework for assembling and integrating web site data, operational data, traditional sales and non-traditional sales channel data into a central repository. 
·   Gleaned useful information used by management to guide operations by overlaying advanced analytical/data mining techniques over client data.

America Online, Dulles, Virginia · 1998-2006: Global web service operating popular online destinations. Offers a comprehensive suite of free software and services. Runs one of the largest internet-access businesses in the United
States and provides a full set of advertising solutions. Majority-owned subsidiary of Time Warner, Inc. Subsidiaries also run operations in Europe, Canada, and Asia. 

Manager - Business Strategy and Operations (2003-2006): Led data integrity and quality assurance team in the implementation of Omniture/SiteCatalyst, a web analytics tool, across AOL products and content areas.   Led a team of analysts and project managers. Directly managed a staff of professionals. Set goals, monitored and evaluated performance, offered coaching and feedback to employees. Coordinated workload distribution among staff to maximize individual strengths and resources. Led cross-team initiatives. Managed relationships with internal clients.
·   Boosted level of analysis at AOL by overseeing system implementation of SiteCatalyst tool and providing information later incorporated into improvement programs.
·   Implemented web analytics capability across 90% of AOL products and services.
·   Contributed to company-wide initiatives through research/analytics, establishing product requirements, and developing/leading cross-functional teams.
·   Contributed to strategic restructuring of usage, products, and features tracking on AOL by providing consultation and management to a team of external contractors and internal analysts. 


Manager - Brand Marketing Research, Web Usage Analysis and Modeling (2000-2003): Worked closely with key contacts across multiple departments. Managed and coordinated access to internal and external data resources. Led and worked within cross-team initiatives. Completed projects for brand marketing research clients. Generated quarterly retention studies. Measured retention value of portions of the AOL service using SAS Enterprise Miner and presented findings to appropriate stakeholders. Provided overall analytical support and insights to brand marketing research department, directing peers to key trends in data.
·   Optimized quality and efficiency through development of data operations team to evaluate workflows and systems.
·   Built loyalty, improved user experience and management of page views, and reduced network costs by developing a segmentation scheme.
·   Located stakeholders by designing and implementing use of SAS programming procedures for consultation.

Senior Analyst - Brand Marketing Research, Web Usage Analysis and Modeling (1998-2000): Established automated SQL procedures to more efficiently extract daily click-stream data from warehouse. Developed scripts to process daily web log feeds. Developed and regularly updated standard SAS programming procedures utilized by the web usage analysis team. Mentored team members on data manipulation and analytical/statistical techniques. Collaborated on projects for internal clients. Consulted outside groups and business analysts on fundamentals of data mining and translation of data/statistical information to determine AOL member web usage, habits, and trends.
·   Enhanced AOL member session quality and process efficiency by defining user requirements, consolidating analytics, and reporting into a single database.
·   Improved operation techniques of web usage analysis team by development and regular upkeep of standard SAS programming procedures.
·   Defined and executed data mining techniques in SAS for the first ever AOL retention study used as the company standard to determine how various AOL products, programming and features impact member retention.
·   Developed insight into web usage profiles by incorporating Acxiom/Personicx and Claritas/Prizm schemas into segmentation studies.

Career Note: Additional professional background includes Statistical Programmer for Trilogy Consulting Corporation, Princeton, New Jersey (1997-1998) and Marketing Analyst for Kotler Marketing Group, Washington, DC (1995-1997). Details on request.


Master of Science in AgEconomics
Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Bachelor of Science in AgMechanization
University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana