Marketing Mix Modeler

Confidential                                                                           2005 - Present                                   

Data Analytics Consultant

·   Provided both part-time and full-time quantitative and research services to firms of different industries. 

·   Clients: Denuosource (September 2009- Present), Essilor (Jan. 2007- Present), Momentum (November 2009- February 2010), J&D Associates- Pharmaceutical Research  (Aug. 2008-October 2009), Triple Scoop (Apr. 2008- Present),Verizon (Jan. 2007-July 2008), Pollo Campero (June 2007-Aug 2007), Neiman Marcus (Oct. 2005-Jan. 2007), American Marketing Association (Apr. 2008- Present)

·   Consulting disciplines: Business development proposals, sales force/marketing optimization, project management, program/evaluation, campaign management, and site selection

·   Technical disciplines: Direct marketing modeling, forecasting,  revenue optimization, logistic/linear regression, database development, program evaluation, customer/sales force retention models, VBA programming, financial reporting implementation, segmentation, territory alignment, GIS, response modeling, survey development/analytics, CHAID, ANOVA; multivariate, factor, cluster, discriminant analysis, media mix and price elasticity modeling.

·   Select Projects:

Ø       Managed various analytics studies through off-shore India team (Denuosource, Boston Consulting Group)

Ø       Served as lead quantitative support for CPG Brand positioning/segmentation studies for Triple Scoop.  Studies involved analyzing data from 3D virtual shopping and online surveys (Frito, TNI)

Ø       Served as analytic support for brand portfolio study (Dean Foods)

Ø       Built advanced analytics team for large retailer from scratch- which included staffing, project management, and determining optimal capabilities to fit within client’s budget (Denuosource)

Ø       Developed media mix and price elasticity studies for large retailers (Denuosource, Momentum )

Ø       Developed conjoint pricing forecast for new high speed internet product identifying $150 Million in opportunities (Insight)

Ø       Developed pharmaceutical forecasting models for products in clinical trials utilizing secondary data (such as IMS and Ingenix), primary research and conjoint analysis. (J&D Associates)

Ø       Developed a promotional response model for a new product in clinical trials, (J&D Associates)

Ø       Consulted company business partners in opening first US Research Office. (J&D Associates)

Ø       Develop models that analyzed impact of new compensation plan- results increased product sales by 50% in test markets, saved $2.5 million in test markets, and are projected to save company over $20 million upon full implementation.(Verizon)

Ø       Utilized robust forecasting model for creation of a multimillion dollar budget. (Verizon)

Ø       Developed optimization models for cross impact of multiple sales variables (such as rep count, leads, customer/sales force retention, etc).  (Verizon)

Ø       Used predictive modeling, mapping, and geographic optimization tools to align sales territories, quantify most effective call types, and who to call. (Essilor)

Ø       Develop sales force segmentation that significantly increased employee productivity. (TNI)

Ø       Managed and developed a large company-wide segmentation project that profiled and segmented both products and customers.  Project brought in $1.8 million in incremental sales for first season . (Neiman Marcus)

Ø       Developed predictive/response models for marketing promotions.  Models selected customers based on total ROI, response, amount spend, and products of interest- Better targeting resulted in approximately $3 million in incremental sales. (Neiman Marcus)

Ø       Utilize statistical tools to develop more effective market basket analysis. These analyses led to more effective cross-selling. (Neiman Marcus)

Ø       Developed more accurate customer forecast/retention models- these tools assisted in promotion selection and more accurate ways of analyzing program results. (Neiman Marcus)

Ø       Worked with IT in developing a database for tracking customers, profiling and response. (Neiman Marcus)

Ø       Developed more accurate statistical tools analyzing effectiveness of promotions, offers and events. (Neiman Marcus)


EssilorUSA                                                                                                                                2004 – 2005

Sr. Marketing Research Analyst/Business Analyst                                      

·   Worked as lead statistical analyst for the world’s largest prescription eyeglass manufacturer- supported both sales and marketing teams

·   Consulting disciplines: Sales/marketing optimization, project management, program/promotion evaluation, sales force training/management, marketing plan development, campaign management

·   Technical disciplines:  predictive modeling/forecasting, GIS, programming, Marketing Mix, CRM, linear regression, survey design, ANOVA, segmentation survey design, price modeling

·   Select Projects:

Ø       Managed various brand studies that measured brand performance and identified key marketing messages via online surveys and one-on-one surveys

Ø       Developed predictive models which segmented Essilor’s most profitable product line - led to a potential increase of 400% in provider response to Essilor marketing and sales efforts

Ø       Managed two customer segmentation projects (firmagraphic and psychographic) which led to developing a more accurate, robust, and sophisticated way of product positioning, development of both Marketing and Sales plans, optimize sales/marketing promotions and prioritizing leads lists

Ø       Designed and analyzed business-to-business focus groups, one-on-one interviews, qualitative and quantitative surveys

Ø       Developed more effective analytical tracking models for television campaigns and sales/Marketing promotions. Results saved the company more than $3 million annually in lost revenue and accurately estimated the impact on competitors


National Association of Dental Plans (NADP)                     2001 – 2004

Director of Research and Information

·   Responsible for the vision, organization and operation of the strategic marketing analysis and research activities for the leading organization of the dental benefits insurance industry

·   Consulting disciplines: Project management,  program evaluation

·   Technical disciplines:  Predictive modeling/forecasting, economic modeling, survey design

·   Select Projects:

Ø       Managed staff, consultants, 2 Industry Task forces and a statistical commission consisting of 20 leading industry executives

Ø       Designed industry surveys, negotiated partnerships, prepared data exchange and confidentiality agreements, and primed the development of an online publication store, plus 2 online databases

Ø       Developed dues revenue model that increased NADP membership revenue over 10% in 1 year

Ø       Created multiple new statistical products and marketing research publications.  Publication sales increased over 400% from 2001 to 2003 and doubled member satisfaction ratings of statistical reports in 2001 to their highest level


Blockbuster                                                                   2000 – 2001  

Manager of Modeling and Research

·   Managed team in the development of statistical models and products to support sales and marketing

·   Consulting disciplines: Project management, program/promotion evaluation, site selection

·   Technical disciplines: Direct marketing modeling, predictive modeling/forecasting, GIS analysis, database programming, CRM, campaign/product optimization, Marketing Mix, logistic/linear regression; multivariate, factor, and cluster analysis

·   Select Projects:

Ø        Developed Tools used for predicting revenue, profit/loss store to store impact, and product allocation. Also performed customer segmentation, CRM/LTV direct marketing analysis, and developed data dictionaries, databases, and presentations

Ø       Constructed a first year revenue model for company stores that is 10% more predictive than previous efforts



Education: MS Applied Statistics, Texas State University              San Marcos, TX


Skills:                                                                                                                               Experience

Statistical Analysis/Marketing Research                                                                  

Survey Programming (Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Zoomerang)                          

SAS -Base, SQL, Stat, JMP, Macro, Enterprise Miner                                            

SPSS (VMS mainframe, and PC)                                                                               

Other Statistical Software- BMDP, Minitab, S-PLUS, Stata                                  

Platforms- Unix, VMS, TSO, ROSCOE Mainframe, Windows                               

SQL- MS SQL,Toad, Oracle, DB2, Terradata, Netezza and FOX Pro 2.1            

GIS (Terralign, Archview, Map Info, Target Pro, Map Point)                                 years

Financial Software-(Hyperion, Trillium, Executive Viewer, Business Objects)

Microsoft Office -Excel, Power point, Word, MS Access (Inc VBA)