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Posted: 12/14/2018

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Five AI technologies you need to know

Do you know the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning? And can you explain why computer vision is an AI technology? Find out in this short explainer.

Woman paying with credit card in store

The best gift you can give to thieves this holiday season?
Your identity.

While the use of EMV in cards has helped to mitigate fraud perpetrated at retail stores, undeterred fraudsters have focused their efforts online. Find out how advanced analytics and machine learning help combat this threat.


Techincal consultants advise young business woman at desktop computer

IT/OT convergence: The dilemma of the IoT perception gap

IT and OT (operational technology) have distinct gaps in perception about the goals and outcomes of IoT initiatives. Tom Bradicich explains why IT/OT convergence is essential for successful IoT projects.

Aerial view of the Tambopata river in Peru

Bringing data to the stream

How much do we know about fresh water systems and the dynamic nature of streams and rivers? Find out how one data scientist turned his fascination with streams and rivers into a career.



IoT in healthcare: Unlocking true, value-based care

‎Given the potential of IoT – and the challenges of already overburdened healthcare systems around the world – we can’t afford not to integrate IoT in healthcare.