Candidate Evaluations


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Prove It! is a division of Kenexa, a leading provider of Human Capital Management. These tools assist employers in both the Hiring and Retention stages of HCM.

Typical Hiring Scenario
The organization is leaner and meaner than it has ever been, and every single decision made is tied closely to profitability. It seems like there are more candidates applying for positions than ever before, and there is a sea of resumes filled with diverse skills and experiences. Everyone's time is at a premium. And, of course, the position needed to be filled yesterday!

The Solution
Here is how the SAS and SPSS pre-employment assessments help:

  • A candidate receives the session ID along with an email that explains the entire process. Then, the candidate tests from any available computer with Internet connection, any time. Finally, scores are emailed to the test administrator at WPS immediately upon the candidate's completion, accompanied by a comprehensive report that includes proficiency by skill type, task type, question level and the time it took to answer each question.
  • The candidate has a comprehensive evaluation of his or her software skills capabilities.
  • The client has a detailed report and measurement of the candidates' software skills.
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