How Do You Choose Someone to Represent Your Career? Certification Makes the Difference

Your career is on the line. Determining the best opportunities for your future is a serious business that should be entrusted to a certified professional.

The National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) is the veteran association with a nationally recognized certification program for recruiting professionals. They were the first national trade association established to represent the personnel services and staffing industry. The association was established in 1961.

Certification ensures knowledgeable, experienced recruiters meld the right candidate with the right company and that they follow the rules clearly defined by federal, sate and local governments.

A Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) brings to search assignments knowledge of current employment laws and procedures, as well as business operations and ethics; service of the highest quality meeting the needs of clients and candidate; ethics, by adhering to NAPS Standards of Ethical Practices; and commitment, credibility and dedication to the staffing industry.

A CPC participates in mandatory continuing education of at least 50 hours every three years. Laws and regulations change, so it is imperative that once certified, professional knowledge is kept current.

CPC's take the extra step to provide their clients and candidates with "leading edge" expertise, making their services even move valuable in the ever-changing market.

It is in your best interest to entrust your job search to someone who has demonstrated a commitment to thorough knowledge of the laws and ethics governing recruitment firms and thieir clients.