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The WPS Difference

WPS, Inc can help you:
  • Jump-start your career or job search.
  • Land a better job.
  • Evaluate your, resume, portfolio and digital profiles.
  • Move into leadership role from a position of strength.
  • Increase self-awareness.
  • Increase self-regulation.
  • Increase your level of motivation.
  • Achieve lasting career advances.
A career coach is a person that has been trained in helping you develop your career goals. Even if you are unsure your career goals, a career coach will work closely with you to assist you in determining where you would like your career to go and to develop a plan for achieving those goals.
At WPS, Inc our Career Coaches are certified and trained in helping you develop your career goals. Our Career Coaching services are tailored to each individual client requirements.
Career Coaching is a solution-oriented approach working with clients to define the concrete steps you can take to achieve career objectives.
Anyone that wants to advance in his or her career or that is looking to make a career change can benefit from the services of a career coach. Whether you are just getting started in your career or have been working on your career path for many years, a career coach can help you hone your skills and make the right career decisions.

Our approach to recruiting is based on finding candidates with the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job.  We are concerned with whether the candidate meets the demands of the job.  We also assess whether the job meets the needs of the individual.  We take the time to understand whether the needs of the candidate can be met within the job structure.  We are persistent in understanding both sides of the equation.

Another dimension in our recruiting process is matching the candidate to the company.  A candidate with the required skills must execute those skills in a unique environment and structure to be successful.  A candidate who is a good fit to the company can possibly be successful in an array of jobs across the company because of the strong engagement that is stimulated by the values match of the person and the company.  An employee's values guide his or her behavior and decisions and deepen the commitment and engagement reducing interest in looking for opportunities outside the company.

We have built an infrastructure of candidates and clients by becoming part of the analytic community.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships based on providing our clients and candidates with rock-solid value. Your interests will always be served as we work together.

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Contact us at info@analyticsearches.com