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Director of Analytics
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Director of Analytics, Financial Services November 2007 - March 2012

• Led the valuation and analysis team for a debt buyer, collaborating with National Collections, Accounting, and Executive Management to develop bids on new business opportunities.
• Led the development and implementation of custom logistic regression models and partitioning exercises to identify and target consumers/debtors most likely to pay.
• Forecasted and budgeted cash flows and collection costs for all major purchase opportunities. Performed post purchase analysis on buys to enhance future forecasts.
• Deployed over $500MM in capital over the last five years, purchasing portfolios in excess of $10 billion in face amount.
• Responsible for developing and issuing the organization's pipeline report and Investment Committee memos to executive level management and the Board.
• Responsible for preparing and presenting valuation analysis to the Investment Committee for all potential purchases of $1MM or more.
• Developed strategic relationships with sellers and brokers enabling access to purchase opportunities.
• Designed and implemented an automated analytic process that used credit bureau characteristics and scores along with bid file data to develop cash flow projections at time of purchase.
• Managed the development of custom predictive models. Developed and implemented strategies to effectively classify and value accounts using these models. Developed procedures to monitor scorecard performance.
• Engaged consultants to periodically assess the economy and the recession's impact on cash flows/liquidities.
• Managed the department's credit bureau budget, hired, managed and trained a staff of two.

Financial Services 1994 to 2007
Senior Manager - Risk Management Acquisition Credit Policy/Credit Bureau Management,
2000 - 2007

• Led the overall corporate strategy for leveraging the consumer and commercial credit bureau.
• Responsible for the development and implementation of pre-approved programs resulting in the direct market mailing/telemarketing of 300MM consumers per year.
• Successful in the execution of large scale projects, collaborated with internal and external parties to migrate the existing linear prescreen process to a prospect database to attain incremental new account and revenue growth.
• Migrated the "invitation to apply" mail program to a pre-approved process based upon a recommendation by McKinsey.
• Consistently received buy-in from executive management, Marketing, Risk Management, Operations, and Legal on strategy and tactics.
• Managed a team of risk management professionals.
• Led the execution and innovation of several key risk management functions: pre-approved direct marketing, portfolio review program, custom acquisition triggers, and credit bureau reporting.
• Negotiated pricing and managed the credit bureau budget (over $40MM per year). Consistently attained budget goals and achieved cost reductions.
• Collaborated with legal to edit and execute contracts for products and services received. Worked with Government Relations on credit policy related legislation.
• Trained all of Risk Management, HQ New Accounts, Interns and MBAs on external data, direct mail programs, and all credit bureau related strategic programs.
• Executed retrospective studies using bureau data and peer analysis on behalf of executive management to develop multi-year product strategies.

Manager - Acquisition Credit Policy - New Accounts Analysis 1999-2000
• Analyzed the financial performance of new accounts and the business impact of changing credit criteria and score cutoffs. As part of the organization's "Drive for 5" million new accounts strategy, developed monthly executive reporting on new account results and credit quality.
• Provided analysis on new account performance by vintage, channel, pricing, and balance transfer offer.

Senior Financial Analyst - Finance and subsequently Manager, Risk Management - Loan Loss Forecasting & Penalty Fees 1996-1999
• Led multi billion loan loss, late fee, and over limit fee analysis, budgeting and forecasting for Discover Card.
• As part of the evolution of Risk Management at Discover Card, participated in the development and distribution of the initial "Yellow Book" monthly report to executive management. The "Yellow Book" provides an executive summary as well as detail on loan loss and delinquency results and future projections.
• Late fee and overlimit fee analysis presented to executive management resulted in modifications to penalty fees driving a substantial increase in revenues.
• Primary analyst assigned to valuations for divestitures and potential acquisitions. Provided cash flow and loss projections to executive management which were the basis for bids on multi-billion dollar portfolios as well as sales.

Supervisor - Internal Audit 1994-1996
• Supervised, designed and performed detailed auditing procedures for operational and financial aspects of engagements. Reviewed internal control standards to ensure compliance.

Senior Auditor, Consulting Firm 1991-1994
• Designed, performed, and reviewed audit procedures.
• Supervised staff auditors depending on the needs of the engagement.
• Awarded the Firm's Sequoia Award for mentoring and developing staff.

Senior Auditor 1989-1991

• Participated in both operational and information technology audits.

Education and Certification:

B.S. Accounting,

Certified Public Accountant