Florida/Will Relocate
US Citizen


Insurance Services August 2010 - September 24, 2012

• Responsible for enhancing and maintaining Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Cost of Capital (COC) models and all related activities in support of NCCI's rate filings.
• Key responsibility included publishing quarterly newsletter "Gauging the Economy." as well as writing implications articles about the factors affecting workers compensation industry results.
• Served as a focus lead for macroeconomic and regional data as well forecast for key economic variables (e.g., employment, wages, average weekly wage, inflation, etc.)
• Help prepared written testimonies as well as answers to interrogatories from various states in connection with the submission of any rate filing.

Government Services July 2006 - July 2
• As a County Economist I was responsible for coordination with Growth Management Department in building strategy to manage complex processes related to economic analysis and forecasting.
• Monitored local, regional and national economic conditions and evaluated their effects on county-wide budgetary positions both in the short-run and the long-run. Keep County Manager and BoCC members abreast with the changing economic conditions affecting county fiscal and budgetary positions.Developed, maintained and evaluated database of key economic variables affecting local, regional and national economic conditions.
• Developed Polk County Economic Barometer to track the performance of the local and regional economy. Presented the barometer to the Board and various local levels.
• Responsible for monthly update to the major county revenues sources such as sales tax, public service tax, communication service tax, gas taxes, impact fees, interest revenue, and ad valorem taxes, to name a few.
• Developed Fiscal Impact Analysis Model in addressing key growth issues and their impacts on the county budget and economic feasibility and economic impacts of the proposed projects.
• Wrote monthly economic letters for the county manger and other senior staff on changing conditions of the economy.
• Conducted economic research regarding many key issues facing the Board (e.g., what if the county levy a sales tax on alcohol consumption).

Financial Services September 2005 - June 2006

Responsible for company's regional economic outlooks and industry forecasts. Major areas include the states of Florida (its 10 key metro areas) and New Jersey (including its 7 metro areas).
• Regularly wrote reports on insurance industry: Life and Property & Casualty.
• Developed Puerto Rico's regional economic forecasting model.
• Built Aerospace and Defense industry forecasting model.
• Maintained and forecasted five different industry models.
• Contributed monthly in the company's regional financial review on the recent trends on economic conditions of Florida and New Jersey.
• Wrote each month on the company's Dismal Scientist Website on newly released wholesale data and business inventories released by Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Research Economist
University August 2002 - August 2005
Developed an original benchmarking study in the area of technology transfer: "Technology Transfer at the University of Arizona: A Comparative Analysis and Benchmarking Study."
• Contributed a whole chapter in Eighty-sixth Arizona Town Hall Background Report, "Arizona as a Border State-Competing in the Global Economy."
• Participated and represented in a number of outreach activities including industry clusters and economic development organizations such as: ADOC, GTEC, AzCI, SATC, ITASA, ETIC and AOIA.


Ph.D. Agricultural and Applied Economics May 2002
M.A. Economics July 1995 M.A. Economics January 1992


Proficient using many statistical packages and computer software programs.
Packages: EVIEWS, RATS, SAS, CATS in RATS, Shazam, IMPLAN, Tetrad,
FAME, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access)