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Posted: 12/12/2017

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Sprout Social buys a data-analytics firm
Crain's Chicago Business (blog)
Sprout Social added more capabilities to its social-media toolbox, acquiring a Seattle-based data-analytics company for an undisclosed price. Simply Measured, which employs about 50, provides customizable data analytics about social media for companies. Chicago-based Sprout, which has about ...

The Analyti-fication of Applications

In this special guest feature, Kyle Wild, CEO and founder of Keen IO, outlines ways for small companies with few resources hoping to compete in markets where analytics is a competitive weapon, must find a way to engage analytics capabilities. This is driving the push for adding analytics into applications. 

Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning for Business Outcomes: A Data Scientist’s Perspective

In this special guest feature, Arvin Hsu, Senior Director of Data Science and Machine Learning for GoodData, discusses that despite the two terms being used interchangeably, deep learning and machine learning are very different in terms of the business problems they solve and the outcomes they enable.  Get the full story here.

Data 2020: State of Big Data Study

Our friends over at SAP recently published a study that highlights some really compelling findings around data scientists. There’s a wide gap and serious discrepancy in the level of importance organizations place on data scientists and the number of data scientists they employ. Below are some key statistics from the study, along with a summary infographic.  Get the full story here

China is buildng a facial recognition system that can identify its 1.3 billion citizens within three seconds.

Box announced a new artificial intelligence toolkit called Box Skills that use ML tools from IBM, Microsoft and Google to automatically tags photos, extract text from audio and video, and tag it with people and objects.

Transunion Acquires eBureau For Faster Risk Analytics
eBureau provides predictive analytics for companies in B2B and B2C markets to help them acquire customers, identify and manage customer risks ...

The Technology Behind Today’s Hyper-Personalized Customer Experience
In this special guest feature, Shubhra Sinha, VP of Portfolio Marketing at DataStax, dive into today’s personalized customer experience, analyzing which strategies and components are required to achieve real-time personalization.

IBM analytics now over-the-counter at Walgreens
CIO Dive
Walgreens announced a partnership with IBM to integrate retail analytics in the chain's service delivery and in-store productivity, according to an IBM ...

Heart Disease Diagnosis with Deep Learning
State-of-the-art results with 60x fewer parameters...

Autonomous Robots Plant, Tend, and Harvest Entire Crop of Barley
At Harper Adams University, they’re taking the farm autonomy idea very seriously: Seriously enough that they’ve managed to plant, tend, and harvest an acre and a half of barley using only autonomous vehicles and drones...


Musician Taryn Southern on composing her new album entirely with AI
How artificial intelligence simplifies music production for solo artists...

Frontline Systems releases Analytic Solver V2017-R2 

AIMMS announces new WebUI features for Apps, end users

Gurobi Optimizer v7.5 delivers higher performance, new capabilities

AI Supervises Its Own Learning
DeepMind has developed an AI system capable of learning to associate audio and visual concepts after watching short segments of video without human instruction. The system first uses two neural networks—one specialized in image recognition and the other in audio recognition—to analyze short video clips. Then, a third neural network compares the audio and video of the clips to identify which images correspond to which sounds, teaching itself to associate these concepts without outside input.

Machine Learning Could Make Stronger Metals
Brigham Young University researchers have developed a machine learning algorithm that can identify relationships between the atomic structure of metals and grain boundaries—physical properties of metals that determine their strength, conductivity, and corrosion resistance.  Understanding a metal’s grain boundaries is important for understanding its utility, yet there are no methods for predicting how different atomic structures will influence grain boundaries’ properties. The researchers first built a repository of atomic structures of a wide variety of different metals and alloys and then used their algorithm to identify which physical structures were associated with certain grain boundary properties, which could eventually lead to the development of stronger, lightweight metals that do not corrode.

Using Data to Combat Opioid Abuse
The U.S. Department of Justice has announced a new initiative called the Opioid Fraud Abuse Detection Unit which will use data analytics to catch bad actors overprescribing or illegally distributing opioids. The unit will analyze data such as physician’s opioid prescription rates, the average age of patients receiving opioids, and regional opioid abuse rates to identify doctors, pharmacists, and others that are contributing to the opioid crisis. The initiative will initially focus on 12 districts in states with high rates of opioid abuse, such as Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Teaching AI to Detect Anthrax
Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have developed an AI system capable of analyzing bacterial spores and quickly determining the presence of anthrax with 95 percent accuracy. Anthrax contamination has a death rate of 80 percent, making it crucial to quickly detect its presence. Traditional methods for anthrax detection, such as gene sequencing or developing a bacterial culture, can take between several hours and a day, while this AI system can identify anthrax in just a few seconds.

Tracking Sleep Behavior with Radio Frequency Waves
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a device that emits low-power radio frequency signals in a user’s bedroom to detect changes in their pulse and respiration rate as they sleep. The device uses an artificial neural network to analyze changes in how these signals reverberate around the room, not unlike radar, and can identify patterns that indicate changes in a user’s vital signs. In a test, the device was 80 percent accurate, which is comparable to traditional methods that typically need to be administered by a sleep specialist and involve an invasive suite of sensors.

Predictive Policing in Atlantic City
The Atlantic City Police Department is seeing results from a predictive policing technique developed by researchers at the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice, called risk-terrain modeling (RTM), after using it for less than a year. RTM analyzes crime data and factors that make specific places hotspots for crime and prompts police to intervene to make these areas less attractive for criminals, such as by helping local business owners install security cameras. In the first six months of 2016, RTM helped reduce violent crime by 20 percent, while also reducing arrests by 17 percent.  



Aviana announces acquisition of data science, predictive analytics consulting specialist Elite ...
PR Newswire (press release)
BREA, Calif., June 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Aviana Global Technologies, Inc., announces the acquisition of Elite Analytics, the Texas based data ...


St. John Fisher College launching applied data science graduate program
Rochester Business Journal
Starting next fall, St. John Fisher College will offer a new master of science degree in applied data science. Housed in the School of Arts and Sciences, ...


​Alteryx buys data science software company YhatL.A. BizFresh of its recent initial public offering, Irvine, California-based data analytics company Alteryx Inc. has acquired Yhat Inc., a data scienceAlteryx Announces the Connect Platform and Yhat Acquisition software ...
- Destination CRM

lteryx Acquires Yhat For Self-Service Data Science Analytics
Seeking Alpha
Yhat has developed software that makes it easier and faster for data analysts to deploy their models live to a production environment. Alteryx is ...
Irvine-based Alteryx acquires software company - OCRegister


Exploring advances in data science and implications for business Perspectives@SMU
The volume of data on customer behaviour and other business information is increasing exponentially both within and across companies. To turn them ... 

Forrester Names Rocket Fuel as a Leader in Omni-channel Demand-Side Platforms MarTech Series (press release) (blog)
Rocket Fuel, a predictive marketing platform, has been named a leader among Omni channel demand-side platforms (DSPs) by independent research ...


Periscope Acquiring Analytics Shop Anthem
MediaPost Communications
Minneapolis-based ad agency Periscope has reached an agreement to acquire marketing and analytics firm Anthem Marketing Solutions for an ...


Snap Acquires Location Analytics Startup Placed - NDTV

DataRobot Buys Data Science Firm Nutonian
Daily Research News Online
Nutonian's proprietary artificial intelligence-powered modeling engine Eureqa is ... data, billions of times per second, and then build predictive models.

TickSmith Releases a Python Tool for the New Generation of Financial Data Scientists
TickSmith, a leader in Big Data applications, released an open-source Python API feature to obtain data from its flagship TickVault big data platform.  Based on Hadoop technology, TickVault processes, stores, and analyzes massive amounts of capital market data. The addition of the Python API  toolkit to TickVault provides data scientists fine-grained access to historical exchange […]


IBM Accelerates Open Database-as-a-Service on IBM Power Systems
IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced a new Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) toolkit on Power Systems optimized for open source databases, including MongoDB, EDB PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, Neo4j, and Apache Cassandra to help deliver more speed, control, and efficiency for enterprise developers and IT departments. 

More companies are using artificial intelligence and analytics to fight against cyber threats
Financial Post
The sequence of events, and any alerts, appears on the Citrix Analytics console and the admin can see exactly what was done, and why, by clicking ... 

IndiQus Technologies acquires Dartboard Analytics
Business Standard
With Dartboard's acquisition, IndiQus enhances its product portfolio with the much-in-demand analytics solution for cloud platforms, Dartboard said in ... 


LSE to buy Citi's fixed-income analytics and index operations for $685 million
(Reuters) – London Stock Exchange (LSE) has agreed to buy Citigroup's fixed-income analytics platform and index business for $685 million (534.6 ... 

Beatriz Sanz Saiz's Leads EY's Global Effort To Imbed Analytics Into Every Aspect of Business
A Series of Forbes Insights Interviews with Thought Leaders Changing the Business Landscape: Beatriz Sanz Saiz, Global Advisory Analytics Leader, ...

How data analytics will help us understand chatbots
So how can companies outside ecommerce take advantage of bots to automate these new data sets and deliver smarter, faster analytics access in the ...

AI Can Help You Through the Immigration Process
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) worked with Verizon and AI firm Next IT to develop a chatbot named Emma capable of speaking both English and Spanish to help guide users to useful information on the USCIS website. When people access the USCIS website, Emma will start live chatting with them to ask about their needs and guide them to relevant information.

Algorithms are Taking Over Wall Street
Hedge funds that use algorithms to trade stocks, known as quantitative hedge funds or “quants,” traded 27 percent of all stocks in the United States in 2016, which is a substantial increase from the 14 percent they traded in 2013.

Overcoming the Data Science Skills Gap with an Internal University
Airbnb has launched an internal employee training program called Data University to help overcome a shortage of trained data scientists and make its workforce more data literate.

AI is Now the Undisputed Champion of Go
DeepMind’s Go-playing AI system AlphaGo has beaten Ke Jie, the world’s highest-ranked Go player, by winning the first two games in a three game series.

Home Depot and Lowe's succeed at omnichannel
Business Insider
Home improvement retail chains Home Depot and Lowe's have stood out in recent years for their successful implementations of omnichannel ...


Singapore government to spend S$2.4bn on technology initiatives

Funding will go towards building a national sensor platform, boosting the government’s cyber security capabilities and driving the use of robots

Interview: Nick Bleech, head of information security, Travis Perkins

Last year Travis Perkins implemented Splunk to help it to respond more quickly to security threats. Now, the business is looking into machine learning and a single customer view

Economic and political uncertainty drives organisations to rethink IT strategies

CIO job satisfaction reaches a three-year high as organisations hire more IT staff and invest in innovative digital technology

SAP Leonardo positioned as digital transformation catalyst

SAP’s leadership explains how it has devised Leonardo as a cloud-based product plus services concept for moving organisations beyond mode 1 IT to mode 2, drawing on AI, ML, IoT and blockchain

 Dutch railway uses IoT to reduce people jams

Railway stations in The Netherlands are monitoring the movement of travellers to manage traffic flow and reduce people jams

Raising the bar on safety with data analytics

Organisations in Japan and Australia are improving worker safety and reducing bus accidents with data analytics and wearables

Interview: Mark Potter, CTO, HPE

The head of Hewlett-Packard Labs speaks to Computer Weekly about a new era of computing, where memory is no longer a constrained resource

Analytics, automation and AI critical to Cisco’s growth

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins has been talking about the criticality of analytics and automation technology to the enterprise network

Smart Dubai works with United Nations on smart cities index

Dubai is becoming a world leader in smart city developments and international organisations want to tap its experience

CIO interview: Ibrahim Gokcen, Maersk

The first chief digital officer at Danish shipping giant Maersk tells Computer Weekly how he is taking on the digital challenge

 Customer experience transformation at Macquarie bank brings legacy system retirement as a bonus

Australia’s Macquarie bank builds a data layer on top of legacy IT systems to transform customer experience

HPE increases ‘The Machine’ memory pool 20-fold

The Machine is HPE’s proof-of-concept next-generation hardware architecture that aims to overcome the limits of today’s IT by using large memory arrays

Lack of skills preventing digital transformation, says 65% of decision makers

Research has found skills gaps in data science, AI and infrastructure management are standing in the way of digital transformation

Why smart cities need to become smarter about technology

Cities are experimenting with smarter ways to use technologies to improve the life of citizens, but their projects are fragmented. Is there a better approach?

New York Philharmonic puts Toscanini archive online for worldwide audience

The New York Philharmonic is digitally archiving millions of documents and making them available online

Broad Institute makes genomic analytics software open source

Barnes & Noble Education gains foothold in analytics market with Unizin deal

Forcepoint Fights Shadow IT with Analytics Functions

AIMMS and Wipro sign strategic global partnership agreement

FICO: APAC banks to dismiss suppliers who fail cybersecurity audits

4 Things Machine-Learning Algorithms Can Do for DevOps

In this special guest feature, Ronny Lehmann, CTO at Loom Systems, discusses how digital transformation has created challenges and benefits for DevOps and the constant pressure of picking up the pace in the endless ocean of complexity can often seem impossible. With machine learning and AI, the fundamental necessity to ensuring a high-quality customer experience can become more of a reality. Get the full story here.

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