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Posted: 9/3/2018

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Demand Forecasting Mistakes in the Retail Industry

In this special guest feature, Aaron Hoffer, Lead Data Scientist for Alloy, discusses common problems he has seen in forecasting processes, and the importance of focusing on “true demand.”

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How data analytics are changing the consulting industry


Process Analytics Market Report 2018: Geographical Analysis of Technology Development Trends ...

Public Safety Analytics Market Research Report 2018: Forecast of Gross Marginal Revenue and ... - Zherald

Global Fraud Analytics Software Market Report 2017: Upstream Raw Materials Sources ... - Business Analyst

Global Performance Analytics Market Growth Analysis of Market Share and Demand by Regions ... - Oracle Tribune



Future of Work and HR Analytics


Global Training Business Analytics Market 2018: Product Outlook, Industry Summary, Constraints ...

Customer Journey Analytics Market Performance Strategies and Countermeasures of Financial ... - The FentonPost

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) Market Research Report 2018 global: Analysis, Size, Share ... - The FentonPost


10 Industries Where Artificial Intelligence Has Caused a Disruption

Analytics Insight (press release) (blog)


Geographic Information System Analytics Market 2018 Market 2018 to register high demand rate ...



ADARA to Provide DMOs in Japan with ADARA Impact, a Digital Marketing and Analytics Tool


Global WiFi Analytics Solution Market 2018: Expected Development, Share, Demand and Study of ...


EMRAM Forecast Puts Hospitals Decades Away from Analytics Maturity

Health IT Analytics

Organizations that reach the highest designation, Stage 7, have a complete EMR and data analytics functions that actively contribute to improving ...


UK above average on strategic use of analytics

In an era of accelerating digital disruption, 57% of enterprises are using data and analytics to drive strategy and change, according to MicroStrategy's ...


The CMO's 90-Day Road Map To Marketing Analytics


For CMOs who want to regain CEO trust and extend their tenure, getting the analytics piece right is something that should take priority during the first ...


Urban analytics key to sustainability, says Amen Ra Mashariki of Esri

Geospatial World (press release) (blog)

Urban analytics is answer to many complex issues that cities face. A process of transforming data to information, it can help cities figure out the ...


Google Analytics Crash Course for Financial Advisors

Google Analytics has been around since 2005, and most financial advisors have accounts by now, but we find they aren't really using the data ...


Top Trends in Digital Analytics That Will Dominate 2018 | Quantzig

Business Wire (press release)

In this digital era, social, mobile, and cloud, analytics, and associated data technologies have emerged as core business disruptors. The obtainability ...

Top Trends in Digital Analytics That Will Dominate 2018 | Quantzig - Maryville Daily Times

Devising an Effective Online Marketing Strategy for a Media Buying Company: A Quantzig Digital ... - Business Wire (press release)

Improving Supply Chain Performance for a Power and Energy Company: A Quantzig Supply Chain ... - Business Wire (press release)

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Revulytics Adds Advanced Functionality to Core Product Usage Analytics Offering

GlobeNewswire (press release)

09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Revulytics®, Inc., a leading provider of software usage analytics for on-premise software, today announced the ...


More home runs, more strikeouts: The less-sexy side of baseball analytics

Kansas City Star

If you want to know how influential analytics have become since Moneyball was published, all you have to do is look at the defensive-shift alignments ...


The Morning Download: DreamWorks Spins Tale With Analytics as the Hero

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Good morning, CIOs. Modern animation is a wildly compute-intensive business. These days, each feature-length film takes about four years to make ...


Merkle and Cardinal Path to Partner on Delivery of Google Analytics 360

MarTech Series

As part of the agreement, Cardinal Path will deliver Google Analytics 360 Suite (part of the Google Marketing Platform), including licensing, services, ...



How Eliminating Data Silos Will Democratize Pharma R&D

In this special guest feature, Gunjan Bhardwaj, Founder and CEO of Innoplexus, discusses how data silos in pharma prevent the latest advancements in machine learning and data analytics from operating at their full potential, how AI and blockchain are transforming incentives in data sharing practices to promote greater transparency, and how companies can leverage open data to drive innovation and lower drug prices.

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Transforming Big Data into Meaningful Insights

In this special guest feature, Marc Alacqua, a founding partner of Signafire, discusses a useful approach to data – known as data fusion – which is essentially alchemy-squared, turning not just one but multiple raw materials in to something greater than the sum of their parts. It goes beyond older methods of big data analysis, like data integration, in which large data sets are simply thrown together in one environment. In this new science of data fusion, technology is deployed not just to mash together billions of data records, but to fundamentally transform them so that humans can understand the unseen commonalities or inconsistencies within them.

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How Retail Can Thrive Using AI as ‘The Human Touch’

n this special guest feature, Shana Pilewski, Senior Content Marketer at Dynamic Yield, takes a look at retail coupled with the benefits and challenges with adopting today's leading technologies like AI and machine learning. Specifically, the key to humanizing experiences and influencing action is to treat each outcome as unique and dynamically respond to each customer individually, a feat which can only be scaled with machine learning. Get the full story here.

Big Data and AI Are Making Life Insurance Better For Everyone

In this special guest feature, Dror Katzav, CEO of Atidot, points out that as industries and companies continue to race to integrate AI into their operations, the life insurance sector in particular is ripe to benefit. Insurers are almost constantly accruing highly relevant swaths of customer data, and are keen to utilize this information into valuable business insights and improve their products. Get the full story here.


Koski Research Launches Financial Services Study
US firm Koski Research has launched a semi-annual syndicated study for financial services firms, which includes a message optimization tool for engagement purposes. >> More

Healthcare Data Firms to Merge
In the US, data-driven healthcare solutions firm Verscend Technologies is to spend $4.9bn in cash to acquire Cotiviti Holdings, which provides payment accuracy and analytics-driven solutions, mostly for the healthcare industry. >> More

Big Data in Financial Services

In this special guest feature, David Friend, co-founder & CEO of Wasabi Technologies, takes a look at the big data and cloud storage technology stack as it relates to the finance industry. The financial services industry is highly competitive, with products fighting for the smallest differentiation to make an impact in the market. Big data and the cloud serve to provide important competitive advantage to this important industry.

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Big Data Meets HPC – Exploiting HPC Technologies for Accelerating Big Data Processing

March 12, 2018 by Rich Brueckner Leave a Comment

Big Data Meets HPC – Exploiting HPC Technologies for Accelerating Big Data Processing Big Data Meets HPC – Exploiting HPC Technologies for Accelerating Big Data Processing

DK Panda from Ohio State University gave this talk at the Stanford HPC Conference. “This talk will provide an overview of challenges in accelerating Hadoop, Spark and Memcached on modern HPC clusters. An overview of RDMA-based designs for Hadoop (HDFS, MapReduce, RPC and HBase), Spark, Memcached, Swift, and Kafka using native RDMA support for InfiniBand and RoCE will be presented.”

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Analytics Development Life Cycle: Pangea is Panacea

March 9, 2018 by Rich Brueckner Leave a Comment

Analytics Development Life Cycle: Pangea is Panacea Analytics Development Life Cycle: Pangea is Panacea

Sai Prakash from HCL America gave this talk at the Stanford HPC Conference. “In this short talk we shall present an analytics workbench perspective (Pangea) that brings entire ADLC under single umbrella thus enabling collaboration, shrinking overall cycle time, easing model deployment efforts and allowing model monitoring. Actionable insights and visualizations are facilitated though service integration interfaces.”

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Global Tech Jam Event for Smart Cities returns to Portland in June

March 5, 2018 by Rich Brueckner Leave a Comment

Global Tech Jam Event for Smart Cities returns to Portland in June Global Tech Jam Event for Smart Cities returns to Portland in June

The Global Tech Jam conference is coming up June 20-22 in Portland, Oregon. “This symposium will provide a leading venue for the presentation of the highest-quality original research, groundbreaking ideas, and compelling insights on future trends in Smart City Technology and Deployment.”

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HIMSS 2018: Perspectives on Health Industry use of AI and Machine Learning

March 5, 2018 by Daniel Gutierrez Leave a Comment

HIMSS 2018: Perspectives on Health Industry use of AI and Machine Learning HIMSS 2018: Perspectives on Health Industry use of AI and Machine Learning

The 2018 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference & Exhibition, March 5–9, 2018 in Las Vegas, is a big deal for IT related themes centered around the health information industry. We put together a number of compelling commentaries below from a short list of important health information industry vendors. The the focus of the perspectives align with insideBIGDATA’s primary areas of big data, data science, machine learning, AI and deep learning. Enjoy the comments and the conference!

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Booz Allen & Kaggle’s Annual Data Science Competition Puts AI to Work Accelerating Life-Saving Medical Research

February 24, 2018 by Daniel Gutierrez Leave a Comment

Booz Allen & Kaggle’s Annual Data Science Competition Puts AI to Work Accelerating Life-Saving Medical Research Booz Allen & Kaggle’s Annual Data Science Competition Puts AI to Work Accelerating Life-Saving Medical Research

To spur automation of biomedical analysis, Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) and Kaggle launched the 2018 Data Science Bowl, a 90-day competition that calls on thousands of participants globally to train deep learning models to examine images of cells and identify nuclei, regardless of the experimental setup—and without human intervention. Creators of the top algorithms will split $170,000 in cash and prizes, including an NVIDIA® DGX Station™,

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Commonsense Understanding: The Big Apple of Our AI

January 29, 2018 by Howard Goldowsky Leave a Comment

Commonsense Understanding: The Big Apple of Our AI Commonsense Understanding: The Big Apple of Our AI

In this field report, contributor Howard Goldowsky provides a detailed report from two New York City AI Conferences with a focus on: Artificial General Intelligence Research Backs Away from Back-propagation to Leverage Logic, Physical and Social Models of the World.

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AI World – Industry’s Premier Event Focused on Enterprise AI – Boston, December 11-13

November 7, 2017 by Editorial Team Leave a Comment

AI World – Industry’s Premier Event Focused on Enterprise AI – Boston, December 11-13 AI World – Industry’s Premier Event Focused on Enterprise AI – Boston, December 11-13

AI World will be held December 11-13, 2017 at the Boston Marriott Copley in Boston, MA. Now in its’ second year, AI World has become the industry’s largest event focused on the state of the practice of enterprise AI and machine learning. AI World’s mission is to enable enterprise business and technology executives to learn how to successfully harness intelligent technologies to build competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities and accelerate innovation efforts.

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Tableau Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Global Customer Conference with 14,000 Data Enthusiasts

October 11, 2017 by Editorial Team Leave a Comment

Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA), a leading analytics platform, is coming together this week with customers, partners, and data rockstars from around the globe for its 10th annual conference in Las Vegas. More than 14,000 passionate attendees will be on hand as Tableau showcases upcoming innovations to its analytics platform.

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Strata Data Conference New York City 2017 – Roundup

October 4, 2017 by Daniel Gutierrez Leave a Comment

Strata Data Conference New York City 2017 – Roundup Strata Data Conference New York City 2017 – Roundup

In this field report, I wanted to share the insideBIGDATA experience last week at the Strata Data Conference 2017 in New York City, September 25-28, sponsored by O’Reilly and Cloudera. These shows are always recognized extravaganzas and never disappoint with respect to the technology being showcased. Below is a series of vignettes that highlight breaking news items that we feel are important for our readers. I hope you’ll feel like you were on the exhibition floor!

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Big Data Asia 2017 – Singapore, Oct. 30/31

September 23, 2017 by Editorial Team Leave a Comment

Big Data Asia 2017 – Singapore, Oct. 30/31 Big Data Asia 2017 – Singapore, Oct. 30/31

Now more than ever, our world needs Data Heroes to guide us through ever-changing circumstances. With the rise of Deep Learning, AI, IoT, and Digital Transformation, all organizations in every industry are going through a disruptive change. Big Data Asia offers you the knowledge, skills and tools that you need to master the data universe and achieve greater success now and beyond. Whether you’re an end user, tech provider, corporate executive, or a data scientist, Big Data Asia is where you want to be this upcoming October.



(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. has a new supercomputer and it’s twice as fast as the current record holder in China.

International Business Machines Corp. developed the Summit computer, with help from Nvidia Corp., for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The system cost about $200 million to build, will occupy a warehouse the size of two tennis courts and be put to work on super-complex calculations that could lead to breakthroughs in fields from astrophysics to cancer research, the lab said in a statement Friday.

Summit also brings the title of world’s fastest computer back to the U.S. It comes as the race between America and China for technological supremacy is being taken more seriously by U.S. lawmakers, who are concerned about the billions China is spending on artificial intelligence and quantum computing. U.S. President Donald Trump has taken an aggressive tone toward China, blocking the takeover of chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. on national security grounds and accusing China of stealing U.S. trade secrets.

“There is a direct correlation between leadership in this area and national security implications,” said Thomas Zacharia, director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. “Every country recognizes that being a leader in this field has downstream impact.”

Summit operates at a speed of 200,000 trillion calculations per second -- or 200 petaflops in computer science lingo. That’s more than twice as fast as the current record holder, the Sunway TaihuLight at the National Super Computer Center in Guangzhou, China, which runs at 93 petaflops. The third-fastest machine is also in China, operating at 33.8 petaflops.

IBM and Nvidia found ways to make the machine much faster, while only needing 30 percent more power than previous systems, Zacharia said. Still, Summit needs the same amount of power it takes to serve a small town.

“There was a time when we thought a machine of this caliber would require a nuclear reactor right next to it to run it,” he said.

The computer will use artificial intelligence techniques like machine learning, which allows software to pull out insights from large data sets, to try and solve problems that have stymied previous systems. Summit will speed up projects that require modeling massive events with trillions of possible outcomes, like the physics of supernova implosions, or how climate change is affecting weather patterns.

The machine will also work on simulating new materials for superconductors that will allow computers to run more efficiently and at lower temperatures, as well as looking at mitochondria in cells to develop early-warning tests for genetic diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, said Ian Buck, Nvidia’s vice president and general manager of accelerated computing.

The Department of Energy officially controls the system and who gets to use it. Scientific projects will be chosen from open submissions, and eventually private companies will be able to pay to have special access, Zacharia said.

“These computers obviously offer those that have them the ability to innovate very, very quickly and have a competitive advantage,” said John Kelly, who oversees IBM’s artificial intelligence and research projects.

--With assistance from Ian King and Jeremy Kahn

Bloomberg News



Planets align for ASU Polytechnic grad passionate about physics, data science

Arizona State University

“After finishing my master's, I hope to pursue a doctorate in astrophysics with a focus in data science.” Question: What's something you learned while at ASU — in the classroom or otherwise — that surprised you, that changed your perspective? Answer: Through my software engineering major and my ...





Dublin data science player SalesOptimize raises €1.1m

Data science player SalesOptimize has raised €1.1m in a funding round led by Elkstone with participation from Enterprise Ireland. This brings the total funding raised to date by the women-led tech start-up to €2.2m, while also more than doubling its employee headcount from eight to 18 in the last 12 ...






Socure's New CEO On Digital Identity's Future

From there, Madhu worked for Cisco and founded Hopskoch and Socure, while Thimot built a number of businesses that straddled data and security in some way. Most recently, Thimot was the CEO of Clarity Insights, which he built into the largest Big Data analytics consultancy in the U.S. Before that, ...






FDA Unveils Health Data Science Projects Under Incubator Program


Scott Gottlieb, commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, has introduced information technology initiatives under the agency's data science incubator program during the Health Datapalooza conference in Washington, D.C., MedCityNews reported Thursday. Gottlieb highlighted the FDA's ...






A Pure Play On Self-Service Big Data Prep And Analytics: Wait For Smarter Valuation Entry Point

Seeking Alpha

According to Markets and Markets, the global predictive analytics market is expected to grow from $3.85 billion in 2016 to $12.41 billion by 2022 or a CAGR of 22.1%. Zion Market Research forecasts a similar growth rate. From a slightly different perspective, Forbes writes in its August Roundup Of ...






ACR Data Science Institute Summit to Explore Opportunities and Challenges of Integrating Artificial ...

Newswise (press release)

In fact, the medical community will have to demonstrate the value and cost savings to patients before reimbursement will be considered,” said Bibb Allen, MD, FACR, chief medical officer of the ACR Data Science Institute. By exploring the opportunities and challenges associated with integrating AI into ...






The Next Generation of DevOps: ML Ops


The new chasm involves multiple disciplines: Data Engineering, Data Science and Software Engineering. Traditional DevOps is the battleground for developers and operations which continues in the world of data science in a more pronounced manner – data engineers, data scientists, software ...








Data Science for Startups: Introduction

Towards Data Science

I recently changed industries and joined a startup company where I'm responsible for building up a data science discipline. While we already had a solid data pipeline in place when I joined, we…






These online data science courses are taught by a Harvard biostats professor — and can help you ...

Business Insider

Companies collect and use data in order to understand their customer or user base and drive strategic business decisions. The people who make this data understandable — data scientists — are thus valuable, in-demand assets. The Data Science Professional Certificate Program ($441.90), offered by ...


The Science Of Quicker Decision Making


Decisions shape our life and we spend an ordinate amount of time making decisions. We deliberate between different outcomes, weight the pros and cons, and sometimes compile lists. Making an appropriate decision is especially important for CEOs, entrepreneurs and any decision maker who has ...


Planets align for ASU Polytechnic grad passionate about physics, data science

Arizona State University

That decision and the additional coursework he took have set the course for his career. “Once I began combining my two passions, I realized that data science in physics is where I belong,” said Horton, who will be working this summer as an intern at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California.


Socure's New CEO On Digital Identity's Future

However, six years ago, Socure was a relative pioneer in building Big Data models and learning-based protocols that could be applied to digital identity and digital security. That head start, Thimot said, makes it an exciting opportunity. It Is Rocket Science, and When One Starts the Race Matters.


Sentenai Secures $2 Million in Seed Funding and Expands Leadership Team

GlobeNewswire (press release)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sentenai, an emerging data science technology company, today announced it has raised $2 million in seed funding to further its product and customer development initiatives. This marks one of the first investments for One Way Ventures, ...

Sentenai lands $2 mln seed - PE Hub (blog)

Full Coverage


A Pure Play On Self-Service Big Data Prep And Analytics: Wait For Smarter Valuation Entry Point

Seeking Alpha

Data scientists (DS) are important for vendors like Alteryx (NYSE:AYX) (See figure 1). These users are part programmer, part statistician, part mathematician, part business analyst and part data analyst and there is a growing shortage of these highly skilled professionals. Vendors in this market are trying ...


Scott Pruitt's new 'secret science' proposal is the wrong way to increase transparency

The Verge

According to the scientific community, these proposals are just a ploy to prevent scientific evidence from informing policy decisions. If the EPA really wants open science, transparency should focus on research funding, not data; the costs of making data public should not fall on the scientists; and third ...


Verve Releases New Research Quantifying Advertiser Adoption of Data and Analytics

MarTech Series

“Data and data science is now at the heart of everything marketing leaders can achieve and marketers, by a vast majority, are telling us that they're seeing lift, returns, and positive business outcomes because of it,” said Julie Bernard, Chief Marketing Officer at Verve. “At the same time, this new research ...


Scientifically Proven Ways To Make Better Decisions


And in many ways, the decisions we make shape the future we will have. Of course, we cannot control everything, but whatever part is up to us - we hope that we can make decisions that we will be aligned with the outcome we want out of life. Although decisions are so important, the science decision ...


Facebook's New Data Restrictions Will Handcuff Even Honest Researchers


According to a former member of Facebook's Core Data Science team who declined to be named for this story, this process is rigorously policed. "If you went digging around in anything you clearly weren't supposed to, you'd be fired." Method two is to partner with Facebook as a collaborator in some ...

Facebook was always too busy selling ads to care about your personal data - Digital Trends

Cambridge Analytica's Nix recalled by fake news probe - TechCrunch

Alexander Nix, a fake Bond villain obscuring the real mastermind - Financial Times

Full Coverage


Applications are Open for The Data Incubator's Summer Data Science Fellowship Program

Medgadget (blog)

Applications are now being accepted for The Data Incubator's Summer Data Science Fellowship opportunity. The Data Incubator is a data science training organization supported by Cornell University. In addition to running the fellowship program, The Data Incubator also facilitates data science courses ...


International Conference to spotlight OR, analytics and AI

Analytics Magazine

The 2018 INFORMS International Conference will be held in the world-class International Conference Center (TICC) and the Grand Hyatt Taipei in beautiful Taipei City, Taiwan, on June 17-20. The conference theme is “A Better World Through Operations Research, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.”


Microsoft and Databricks, an Apache Spark-based analytics platform, bring the Azure Databricks ...


Instagram says it's “making changes” to ensure that newer posts are more likely to appear first and is testing a button to let users choose when to refresh — Today we're introducing changes to give you more control over your feed and ensure the posts you see are timely.


Periscope Data and Amazon Web Services Collaborate To Streamline Analytics Workflow

MarTech Advisor

San Francisco: Periscope Data, the software platform built to address the complete analytics lifecycle, today announced an expansion of its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help streamline the analytics workflows of data teams. Periscope Data will now be recognized as an Advanced ...


Real-Time Analytics is Spreading and Getting Easier


So it's hardly surprising that more organizations are looking to get faster with their analytic insights, and even point them at event stream data as well. Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst W. Roy Schulte is a specialist in the area of event stream processing and real time analytics, and he provided an update ...


CUNA Mutual Teams With Microsoft for Data Analytics Platform

Credit Union Times

The Microsoft Corp. logo is displayed outside the company's main campus in Redmond, Washington, U.S. Photographer: David Ryder/Bloomberg. Madison, Wis.-based CUNA Mutual AdvantEdge Analytics announced collaboration with Microsoft to develop a credit union data platform aimed at enabling ...


The Ethics of Legal Analytics

There is no doubt that big data and analytics are vastly changing how lawyers conduct legal research and discovery, predict matter outcomes, select juries and draft contracts, reduce back-office costs and help land new clients. But for lawyers, who are bound by rules of legal ethics, the use of analytics ...


Nike acquires customer data analytics company Zodiac


Nike Inc. NKE, -2.91% said late Thursday it acquired consumer data analytics company Zodiac Inc. for an undisclosed sum. The athletic-wear maker said the acquisition helps it to accelerate its "Consumer Direct Offense" strategy to serve customers faster and more personally at scale. On its website ...

NIKE, Inc. Acquires Data Analytics Leader Zodiac - Business Wire (press release)

Full Coverage


Cambridge Analytica: the data analytics industry is already in full swing

The Conversation UK

Suddenly, with all the talk of “psychographics” and voter manipulation, the power of data analytics has become the source of some concern. But the risk is that if we look at the case of Cambridge Analytica in isolation, we might prevent a much wider debate about the use and control of our data.


Down to the Device, Data Analytics as a Service AI as the Real Breakthrough

IoT Evolution World (blog)

With the mass and moving parts that will define the IoT, can human beings really keep up? Or is it time to let the machines do the thinking? There is no point in connecting things unless those things send information that help those who own and operate those things optimize their value. Consider the ...


Datawatch to Inform Business Leaders on Modern Team-Driven Data Analytics at Gartner Data ...


BEDFORD, Mass., March 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Datawatch Corporation (NASDAQ-CM:DWCH) today announced that its chief product officer, Jon Pilkington, will present to business leaders and analysts on the next evolution of data preparation and analytics in his presentation, "Team-Driven ...


Datawatch to Inform Business Leaders on Modern Team-Driven Data Analytics at Gartner Data ...

GlobeNewswire (press release)

BEDFORD, Mass., March 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Datawatch Corporation (NASDAQ-CM:DWCH) today announced that its chief product officer, Jon Pilkington, will present to business leaders and analysts on the next evolution of data preparation and analytics in his presentation, “Team-Driven ...


Edge Computing Sharpens Agency Analytics Use

StateTech Magazine

Edge devices from vendors such as VMware and Intel, and the real-time analytics they can help provide, can be game-changers for first responders, particularly when disaster strikes. Researchers at Georgia Tech, for instance, are looking at ways that edge computing and a subset of it known as fog ...


EagleForce Associates to talk about health data analytics and ways to combat the opioid crisis at ...

PR Newswire (press release)

HERNDON, Va., March 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- EagleForce Health, a division of EagleForce Associates Inc., discuss how advanced health data analytics will help in combating America's opioid crisis at the 2018 HIMSS conference and exhibition taking place March 5-9 in Las Vegas. EagleForce ...


Looker Debuts in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms

MarTech Series

Looker, a leading marketing data platform company, has made an entry into the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. This is the first year Looker has appeared in this Gartner Magic Quadrant, which evaluates vendors based on their completeness of vision and ...

MicroStrategy: Progress Points - Seeking Alpha

Full Coverage



Cambridge Semantics Executive to Present at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2018

Business Wire (press release)

BOSTON & GRAPEVINE, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cambridge Semantics, the leading provider of a universal semantic layer for big data management and connected data analytics solutions, today announced its participation at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2018, March 5-8 in Grapevine, ...



Avera Health boosts ICU care quality, cuts costs with analytics tools from Philips

Healthcare IT News

Over the course of year, the health system has cut hospital length of stay and saved $62 million with help from the company's remote care platform. By Bernie Monegain. March 02, 2018. 03:54 PM. Share. Avera Health boosts ICU care quality. Avera McKennan Hospital and University in Sioux Falls, ...


Singapore Air Force and Navy leveraging data analytics, AI and robotics for smarter operations and ...

OpenGov Asia

In the envisaged Smart Airbases the Base Command Post will be better networked to all airbase systems, and decision support systems (DSS) enabled by data analytics and artificial intelligence will be used to make sense of voluminous amount of data and provide recommendations for follow-on ...


Using Data Science for Social Good


Data science provides the numerical insights on trending topics and significant issues affecting various industries. A data scientist must be able to analyze trends, find connections in large amounts of data, and explain why the connections matter. While data science seems to be all about the numbers, ...


Student Team Hacking Into Problem of Veteran Suicide

University of Virginia

The team has been working for nearly two months to “hack” into the factors that can lead to so many veteran suicides, leveraging data science tools and techniques to analyze and propose solutions to the problem. Their sources included Department of Veterans Affairs statistics, demographics data from ...


Confident Data Skills, by Kirill Eremenko, reviewed

Irish Tech News

About the author: Kirill Eremenko is a data scientist and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of an online educational platform in the space of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The company's mission is to 'Make The Complex Simple', teaching tool-based courses such ...


Worcester Polytechnic Institute to Host Soldier Science Research Symposium

WPI News

WPI is currently working with Natick Labs on a number of projects, including one in which WPI graduate students are developing new data science–based mathematical methods to enable faster detection of chemical vapors in mixtures and other environments. This sensor, about one-third the size of a ...


What Do Data Scientists Need to Know about Containerization?

Stitch Fix

Data scientists are not always equipped with the requisite engineering skills to deploy robust code to a production job execution and scheduling system. Yet,...


Why Data Science And Machine Learning Are Concepts To Know Now


T​echnology is accelerating the rate of innovation around how companies use data. We produce massive amounts of data when we engage or interact with companies, and machine learning is helping them disseminate it in ways that are actionable and help drive the business forward. What is machine ...


The future of statistics and data science

The Governance Lab

Even while acknowledging the momentous difficulty in making predictions about the future, a few topics stand out clearly as lying at the current and future intersection of statistics and data science. Not all of these topics are of a strictly technical nature, but all have technical repercussions for our field.





Master of Science in Applied Data Science

USC Viterbi - University of Southern California

The objective of the USC Viterbi Master of Science in Applied Data Science is to train students that have limited or no background in computer science to be skilled data scientists. This program allows strong students trained in other engineering or scientific disciplines (or even social science disciplines ...


Technology Fridays: OpenMined Powers Federated AI Using the Blockchain

Towards Data Science

For instance, if an organization shares a dataset with a group of data scientists, there is an implicit trust relationship between them that, if violated, can affect the final outcome of the project. In a bit more technical context, deep learning algorithms need to undergo multiple regularization and optimization ...


Janne Kool

Towards Data Science

Read writing from Janne Kool in Towards Data Science. . Every day, Janne Kool and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Towards Data Science.


Data Science and Data Management internship

Glenn Research Center - NASA

The NASA Glenn Research Center's Scientific Computing and Visualization team has an opportunity for applying data science and data management to solve advanced research and engineering challenges. The typical approach requires developing some combination of: 1.) Exploratory analysis for ...


Data Scientist - Fleet Management

Ford Corporate

Job Description Ford Motor Company's Global Data, Insight, and Analytics (GDI&A) is looking for seasoned analytic professionals that have a deep business understanding of data science. You will have the opportunity to work with some of the brightest global subject matter experts that are transforming ...


Job Description

Over the last 5 years, the 600-staff NRC has published around 1000 scientific publications in peer review journals and files about 80 patents every year. The NRC also has around 100 research collaborations with universities or research institutes around the world. The NRC is organized with three large ...


Gmail now has analytics, and it's awesome


I'm going to venture a guess and say you have a Gmail account. Chances are, you have more than one. I say this with confidence knowing Gmail currently sports more than 1 billion monthly active users, up from a relatively paltry 425 million back in 2012. It's free, it's fast, it's reliable, it offers ample ...


State of Digital Marketing Analytics in Top 1000 US Retailers Report Shows Multi-Platform ...

PR Newswire (press release)

This year's report finds that many -and a growing number- of organizations have deployed multiple parallel solutions across analytics, tag management, testing, optimization & personalization, and data management platforms as they continue to optimize and streamline their marketing technology stack ...


Arcadia Data Paves Way for Modern Big Data Analytics in Enterprise Management Associates ...

GlobeNewswire (press release)

SAN MATEO, Calif., Feb. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arcadia Data, provider of the first native visual analytics software for big data, today announced it will be hosting a webinar with Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) on February 28. The webinar, “4 Key Considerations For Your Big Data ...


William & Mary launches online master's in business analytics

William & Mary News

The Raymond A. Mason School of Business at William & Mary has announced the launch of its new Online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program. Fully accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the Online Master's in Business Analytics program ...

Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence
Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville
With the recent growth of computing power and the availability of large datasets, the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are having a visible impact in our daily lives. Many believe that these new technologies will have a greater impact on humanity than the inventions of fire ...

People analytics
American Banker
Large banks have begun sharing their adjusted gender pay gap ratios — how much women are paid versus men for similar jobs. The trouble is, they don't have similar jobs. People analytics Penny Crosman 1m ago. People analytics Penny Crosman 1m ago ...

comScore to Close China Operations
Audience measurement firm comScore is closing its office in Beijing, as a result of operating losses, according to online publication Campaign Asia. >> More

Sprout Social buys a data-analytics firm
Crain's Chicago Business (blog)
Sprout Social added more capabilities to its social-media toolbox, acquiring a Seattle-based data-analytics company for an undisclosed price. Simply Measured, which employs about 50, provides customizable data analytics about social media for companies. Chicago-based Sprout, which has about ...

The Analyti-fication of Applications

In this special guest feature, Kyle Wild, CEO and founder of Keen IO, outlines ways for small companies with few resources hoping to compete in markets where analytics is a competitive weapon, must find a way to engage analytics capabilities. This is driving the push for adding analytics into applications. 

Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning for Business Outcomes: A Data Scientist’s Perspective

In this special guest feature, Arvin Hsu, Senior Director of Data Science and Machine Learning for GoodData, discusses that despite the two terms being used interchangeably, deep learning and machine learning are very different in terms of the business problems they solve and the outcomes they enable.  Get the full story here.

Data 2020: State of Big Data Study

Our friends over at SAP recently published a study that highlights some really compelling findings around data scientists. There’s a wide gap and serious discrepancy in the level of importance organizations place on data scientists and the number of data scientists they employ. Below are some key statistics from the study, along with a summary infographic.  Get the full story here

China is buildng a facial recognition system that can identify its 1.3 billion citizens within three seconds.

Box announced a new artificial intelligence toolkit called Box Skills that use ML tools from IBM, Microsoft and Google to automatically tags photos, extract text from audio and video, and tag it with people and objects.

Transunion Acquires eBureau For Faster Risk Analytics
eBureau provides predictive analytics for companies in B2B and B2C markets to help them acquire customers, identify and manage customer risks ...

The Technology Behind Today’s Hyper-Personalized Customer Experience
In this special guest feature, Shubhra Sinha, VP of Portfolio Marketing at DataStax, dive into today’s personalized customer experience, analyzing which strategies and components are required to achieve real-time personalization.

IBM analytics now over-the-counter at Walgreens
CIO Dive
Walgreens announced a partnership with IBM to integrate retail analytics in the chain's service delivery and in-store productivity, according to an IBM ...

Heart Disease Diagnosis with Deep Learning
State-of-the-art results with 60x fewer parameters...

Autonomous Robots Plant, Tend, and Harvest Entire Crop of Barley
At Harper Adams University, they’re taking the farm autonomy idea very seriously: Seriously enough that they’ve managed to plant, tend, and harvest an acre and a half of barley using only autonomous vehicles and drones...


Musician Taryn Southern on composing her new album entirely with AI
How artificial intelligence simplifies music production for solo artists...

Frontline Systems releases Analytic Solver V2017-R2 

AIMMS announces new WebUI features for Apps, end users

Gurobi Optimizer v7.5 delivers higher performance, new capabilities

AI Supervises Its Own Learning
DeepMind has developed an AI system capable of learning to associate audio and visual concepts after watching short segments of video without human instruction. The system first uses two neural networks—one specialized in image recognition and the other in audio recognition—to analyze short video clips. Then, a third neural network compares the audio and video of the clips to identify which images correspond to which sounds, teaching itself to associate these concepts without outside input.

Machine Learning Could Make Stronger Metals
Brigham Young University researchers have developed a machine learning algorithm that can identify relationships between the atomic structure of metals and grain boundaries—physical properties of metals that determine their strength, conductivity, and corrosion resistance.  Understanding a metal’s grain boundaries is important for understanding its utility, yet there are no methods for predicting how different atomic structures will influence grain boundaries’ properties. The researchers first built a repository of atomic structures of a wide variety of different metals and alloys and then used their algorithm to identify which physical structures were associated with certain grain boundary properties, which could eventually lead to the development of stronger, lightweight metals that do not corrode.

Using Data to Combat Opioid Abuse
The U.S. Department of Justice has announced a new initiative called the Opioid Fraud Abuse Detection Unit which will use data analytics to catch bad actors overprescribing or illegally distributing opioids. The unit will analyze data such as physician’s opioid prescription rates, the average age of patients receiving opioids, and regional opioid abuse rates to identify doctors, pharmacists, and others that are contributing to the opioid crisis. The initiative will initially focus on 12 districts in states with high rates of opioid abuse, such as Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Teaching AI to Detect Anthrax
Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have developed an AI system capable of analyzing bacterial spores and quickly determining the presence of anthrax with 95 percent accuracy. Anthrax contamination has a death rate of 80 percent, making it crucial to quickly detect its presence. Traditional methods for anthrax detection, such as gene sequencing or developing a bacterial culture, can take between several hours and a day, while this AI system can identify anthrax in just a few seconds.

Tracking Sleep Behavior with Radio Frequency Waves
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a device that emits low-power radio frequency signals in a user’s bedroom to detect changes in their pulse and respiration rate as they sleep. The device uses an artificial neural network to analyze changes in how these signals reverberate around the room, not unlike radar, and can identify patterns that indicate changes in a user’s vital signs. In a test, the device was 80 percent accurate, which is comparable to traditional methods that typically need to be administered by a sleep specialist and involve an invasive suite of sensors.

Predictive Policing in Atlantic City
The Atlantic City Police Department is seeing results from a predictive policing technique developed by researchers at the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice, called risk-terrain modeling (RTM), after using it for less than a year. RTM analyzes crime data and factors that make specific places hotspots for crime and prompts police to intervene to make these areas less attractive for criminals, such as by helping local business owners install security cameras. In the first six months of 2016, RTM helped reduce violent crime by 20 percent, while also reducing arrests by 17 percent.  



Aviana announces acquisition of data science, predictive analytics consulting specialist Elite ...
PR Newswire (press release)
BREA, Calif., June 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Aviana Global Technologies, Inc., announces the acquisition of Elite Analytics, the Texas based data ...


St. John Fisher College launching applied data science graduate program
Rochester Business Journal
Starting next fall, St. John Fisher College will offer a new master of science degree in applied data science. Housed in the School of Arts and Sciences, ...


​Alteryx buys data science software company YhatL.A. BizFresh of its recent initial public offering, Irvine, California-based data analytics company Alteryx Inc. has acquired Yhat Inc., a data scienceAlteryx Announces the Connect Platform and Yhat Acquisition software ...
- Destination CRM

lteryx Acquires Yhat For Self-Service Data Science Analytics
Seeking Alpha
Yhat has developed software that makes it easier and faster for data analysts to deploy their models live to a production environment. Alteryx is ...
Irvine-based Alteryx acquires software company - OCRegister


Exploring advances in data science and implications for business Perspectives@SMU
The volume of data on customer behaviour and other business information is increasing exponentially both within and across companies. To turn them ... 

Forrester Names Rocket Fuel as a Leader in Omni-channel Demand-Side Platforms MarTech Series (press release) (blog)
Rocket Fuel, a predictive marketing platform, has been named a leader among Omni channel demand-side platforms (DSPs) by independent research ...


Periscope Acquiring Analytics Shop Anthem
MediaPost Communications
Minneapolis-based ad agency Periscope has reached an agreement to acquire marketing and analytics firm Anthem Marketing Solutions for an ...


Snap Acquires Location Analytics Startup Placed - NDTV

DataRobot Buys Data Science Firm Nutonian
Daily Research News Online
Nutonian's proprietary artificial intelligence-powered modeling engine Eureqa is ... data, billions of times per second, and then build predictive models.

TickSmith Releases a Python Tool for the New Generation of Financial Data Scientists
TickSmith, a leader in Big Data applications, released an open-source Python API feature to obtain data from its flagship TickVault big data platform.  Based on Hadoop technology, TickVault processes, stores, and analyzes massive amounts of capital market data. The addition of the Python API  toolkit to TickVault provides data scientists fine-grained access to historical exchange […]


IBM Accelerates Open Database-as-a-Service on IBM Power Systems
IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced a new Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) toolkit on Power Systems optimized for open source databases, including MongoDB, EDB PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, Neo4j, and Apache Cassandra to help deliver more speed, control, and efficiency for enterprise developers and IT departments. 

More companies are using artificial intelligence and analytics to fight against cyber threats
Financial Post
The sequence of events, and any alerts, appears on the Citrix Analytics console and the admin can see exactly what was done, and why, by clicking ... 

IndiQus Technologies acquires Dartboard Analytics
Business Standard
With Dartboard's acquisition, IndiQus enhances its product portfolio with the much-in-demand analytics solution for cloud platforms, Dartboard said in ... 


LSE to buy Citi's fixed-income analytics and index operations for $685 million
(Reuters) – London Stock Exchange (LSE) has agreed to buy Citigroup's fixed-income analytics platform and index business for $685 million (534.6 ... 

Beatriz Sanz Saiz's Leads EY's Global Effort To Imbed Analytics Into Every Aspect of Business
A Series of Forbes Insights Interviews with Thought Leaders Changing the Business Landscape: Beatriz Sanz Saiz, Global Advisory Analytics Leader, ...

How data analytics will help us understand chatbots
So how can companies outside ecommerce take advantage of bots to automate these new data sets and deliver smarter, faster analytics access in the ...

AI Can Help You Through the Immigration Process
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) worked with Verizon and AI firm Next IT to develop a chatbot named Emma capable of speaking both English and Spanish to help guide users to useful information on the USCIS website. When people access the USCIS website, Emma will start live chatting with them to ask about their needs and guide them to relevant information.

Algorithms are Taking Over Wall Street
Hedge funds that use algorithms to trade stocks, known as quantitative hedge funds or “quants,” traded 27 percent of all stocks in the United States in 2016, which is a substantial increase from the 14 percent they traded in 2013.

Overcoming the Data Science Skills Gap with an Internal University
Airbnb has launched an internal employee training program called Data University to help overcome a shortage of trained data scientists and make its workforce more data literate.

AI is Now the Undisputed Champion of Go
DeepMind’s Go-playing AI system AlphaGo has beaten Ke Jie, the world’s highest-ranked Go player, by winning the first two games in a three game series.

Home Depot and Lowe's succeed at omnichannel
Business Insider
Home improvement retail chains Home Depot and Lowe's have stood out in recent years for their successful implementations of omnichannel ...


Singapore government to spend S$2.4bn on technology initiatives

Funding will go towards building a national sensor platform, boosting the government’s cyber security capabilities and driving the use of robots

Interview: Nick Bleech, head of information security, Travis Perkins

Last year Travis Perkins implemented Splunk to help it to respond more quickly to security threats. Now, the business is looking into machine learning and a single customer view

Economic and political uncertainty drives organisations to rethink IT strategies

CIO job satisfaction reaches a three-year high as organisations hire more IT staff and invest in innovative digital technology

SAP Leonardo positioned as digital transformation catalyst

SAP’s leadership explains how it has devised Leonardo as a cloud-based product plus services concept for moving organisations beyond mode 1 IT to mode 2, drawing on AI, ML, IoT and blockchain

 Dutch railway uses IoT to reduce people jams

Railway stations in The Netherlands are monitoring the movement of travellers to manage traffic flow and reduce people jams

Raising the bar on safety with data analytics

Organisations in Japan and Australia are improving worker safety and reducing bus accidents with data analytics and wearables

Interview: Mark Potter, CTO, HPE

The head of Hewlett-Packard Labs speaks to Computer Weekly about a new era of computing, where memory is no longer a constrained resource

Analytics, automation and AI critical to Cisco’s growth

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins has been talking about the criticality of analytics and automation technology to the enterprise network

Smart Dubai works with United Nations on smart cities index

Dubai is becoming a world leader in smart city developments and international organisations want to tap its experience

CIO interview: Ibrahim Gokcen, Maersk

The first chief digital officer at Danish shipping giant Maersk tells Computer Weekly how he is taking on the digital challenge

 Customer experience transformation at Macquarie bank brings legacy system retirement as a bonus

Australia’s Macquarie bank builds a data layer on top of legacy IT systems to transform customer experience

HPE increases ‘The Machine’ memory pool 20-fold

The Machine is HPE’s proof-of-concept next-generation hardware architecture that aims to overcome the limits of today’s IT by using large memory arrays

Lack of skills preventing digital transformation, says 65% of decision makers

Research has found skills gaps in data science, AI and infrastructure management are standing in the way of digital transformation

Why smart cities need to become smarter about technology

Cities are experimenting with smarter ways to use technologies to improve the life of citizens, but their projects are fragmented. Is there a better approach?

New York Philharmonic puts Toscanini archive online for worldwide audience

The New York Philharmonic is digitally archiving millions of documents and making them available online

Broad Institute makes genomic analytics software open source

Barnes & Noble Education gains foothold in analytics market with Unizin deal

Forcepoint Fights Shadow IT with Analytics Functions

AIMMS and Wipro sign strategic global partnership agreement

FICO: APAC banks to dismiss suppliers who fail cybersecurity audits

4 Things Machine-Learning Algorithms Can Do for DevOps

In this special guest feature, Ronny Lehmann, CTO at Loom Systems, discusses how digital transformation has created challenges and benefits for DevOps and the constant pressure of picking up the pace in the endless ocean of complexity can often seem impossible. With machine learning and AI, the fundamental necessity to ensuring a high-quality customer experience can become more of a reality. Get the full story here.