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Posted: 8/29/2018


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August 29, 2018

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Analytics Experience

Analytics Experience

Be among brilliant data devotees and big idea thinkers in an atmosphere brimming with energy and training to explore the latest skills and technologies. Whether you’re a data scientist, business analyst, developer or executive, you’ll find sessions you can use – as well as the AnalyticsX Hackathon!


What Facebook’s data debacle could mean for banking

From high-tech analytics to real-time customer care, banks should take a 360-degree, 24/7 view of their services and platforms to recapture customer loyalty and trust.



Fight fraud and financial crimes with analytics and artificial intelligence

As fraudsters get more strategic, how is your organization keeping pace and staying ahead of fraud schemes and regulatory mandates to monitor for them? In this e-book, learn the basics in how to prevent fraud, achieve compliance and preserve security.


Tackle the new complexity of IFRS 9 and CECL standards

The US standard for CECL greatly increases the complexity of the allowance estimation process. Outside the US, IFRS 9 is having the same effect. Find out why some financial institutions struggle with credit loss allowance estimation – and what the leading ones do differently.



What you need to know to build an effective and efficient AML/CTF program

To monitor for financial crimes, an essential element for both anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing is using data analysis to detect unusual activity during processing by monitoring transactions, customers and the network of behaviors.


SAS named as a Leader in AI-based text analytics by independent research firm

Finding insights in unstructured data befuddles many organizations, but overcoming the challenge is possible with next-generation analytics tools powered by artificial intelligence.



Risk and finance analytics: Change is coming

What will the future of risk and finance analytics look like? Watch these interview excerpts to learn what is driving change and find out why firms need to improve collaboration among risk, finance and IT to help decision makers adapt business operations and strategy to meet the challenges.

Deep Learning for Numerical Applications with SAS

Deep Learning for Numerical Applications With SAS®

This new book by Henry Bequet, an expert in high-performance analytics, introduces concepts in the new field of deep learning, along with step-by-step techniques to easily reproduce the examples on your high-performance analytics systems and the accompanying hardware innovations.


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