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Posted: 2/5/2019

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Dear Reader,

The start of 2019 means we turn our attention to SAS Global Forum. Actually, there’s a whole team of SAS folks who never really turn their attention away from it. Planning for the conference is a constant job for a few key folks.

But here in my world I really start planning my conference time, whether it’s supporting it from here at the office or in person, now. I was excited to read a recent Q&A blog post with conference chair, MaryAnne DePesquo. In it, she outlines three things she wants SAS users to know about this year’s event.

I want people to know SAS Global Forum is something that energizes me every time I attend it. The people, the sessions, the networking, the connecting with old friends…it is truly an exciting event. Have you registered yet? If not, go do it now. You can thank me later.

Shelley Sessoms


Thanks for reading,

Shelley Sessoms
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Training and Certification News


Have you been badged?

Have you been badged?

Complete a course and earn a digital badge. SAS Learn badges validate your training and allow you to share your accomplishments in email signatures, digital resumes and social media. Learn more.


Time series modeling essentials

Time Series Modeling Essentials

Augment your proficiency in time series modeling and prepare for certification in Experimentation and Optimization, Text Analytics and Time Series. We’ll focus on the applied use of the three main model types used in analyzing univariate time series, and you’ll learn to identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of these models. Join us in Arlington, VA in February. Live web sessions also available.

Deep learning using SAS software

Deep Learning Using SAS® Software

Learn the essential components of deep learning with a hands-on approach that includes learning to build and apply models. You’ll leave knowing how to build deep feedforward, convolutional and recurrent networks. Machine learners and all that are interested in deep learning are invited to join us via Live web or in the classroom.  


Get SAS certified and earn more


Get SAS Certified and earn more

Certification Magazine has released its annual Salary Survey 75 list, and the SAS Certified Base Programmer credential made a strong showing. Individuals surveyed indicated an 8.5% salary increase associated with the “hot” credential since just a year ago. Learn more about all the value that you can realize from holding one of SAS’ most popular credentials.

SAS Book News



Book of the month

February Book of the Month

Get 40% off on this month’s Book of the Month: Business Survival Analysis Using SAS®: An Introduction to Lifetime Probabilities. Enter code BOM40FEB at checkout. Discount valid through Feb. 28.

Tips and Tricks



Five programming language features you should be using

Five SAS programming language features you should be using

On his blog The SAS Dummy, Chris Hemedinger discusses new features that allow you to simplify your code, make it run faster, and erase some of the technical debt you may have been carrying around due to previous workarounds or limitations. Plus, there’s a warm farewell to long-time SAS employee Rick Langston.

Making graphs even better with ODS Graphics


Making graphs even better with ODS Graphics

Over the past several releases, SAS has added more options and procedures for ODS Graphics. This blog shows a few samples of graphs and explains how you can use new functionality to make the old graphs look new again.


Four more tips about hash tables


Four more tips about hash tables

Authors Don Henderson and Paul Dorfman share some interesting articles about hash tables to support their recently published book, Data Management Solutions Using SAS Hash Table Operations: A Business Intelligence Case Study.

Certification Prep



Base programming specialist

Base programming specialist

Think you know how to merge? This Art Carpenter paper from SAS Global Forum 2014 may open your eyes to techniques you haven't yet considered.

Predictive modeler


Predictive Modeler

Learn about boosting, bagging and model averaging ensemble models in this SAS Global Forum 2014 paper from a host of SAS Enterprise Miner experts.


SAS News


Recognizing SAS Support Communities stars

Recognizing SAS Support Community stars

Do you use SAS Support Communities? Have you been helped by a Super User or PROC Star? Ever wondered how we select these folks? Here’s your chance to find out more about these programs and how we select the members.


Training opportunities galore at SAS Global Forum


Training opportunities galore at SAS Global Forum

With dozens of training courses, certification exams and free e-learning courses, SAS Global Forum is a must-attend event in Dallas this April.

Free SAS® Tutorials



SASŪ tutorials

SAS® tutorials

Watch nearly 400 free tutorial videos to help you get started with the basics or expand your existing SAS knowledge. Topics include SAS programming, analytics, data management, business intelligence, SAS® Viya® and more.




Find an upcoming course at a training center near you:



SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques

19-20 FEB 2019

SAS Programming 1: Essentials

21-22 FEB 2019

SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials

25-26 FEB 2019

SAS Report Writing 1: Essentials

27 FEB-01 MAR 2

SAS Enterprise Guide 1: Querying and Reporting

04-05 MAR 2019



SAS Programming 1: Essentials

07-08 FEB 2019

Live Web Courses (US)

Exporting SAS Data Sets and Creating ODS Files for Microsoft Excel

31 JAN-01 FEB 2019

SAS Enterprise Guide 1: Querying and Reporting

04-08 FEB 2019

SAS Platform Administration: Fast Track

04-08,11-13 FEB 2019

SAS Programming 1: Essentials

04-08 FEB 2019

Survival Analysis Using the Proportional Hazards Model

05-08 FEB 2019

SAS Marketing Optimization: Maximizing Campaign Efficiency

05-08 FEB 2019

SAS Macro Language 2: Advanced Techniques

05-08 FEB 2019

SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials

07-08 FEB 2019

SAS SQL 1: Essentials

11-12 FEB 2019

SAS Visual Statistics in SAS Viya : Interactive Model Building

11-14 FEB 2019

SAS Visual Analytics for SAS 9: Administering a Distributed Deployment

11-15 FEB 2019

SAS Visual Analytics 1 for SAS Viya : Basics

12-15 FEB 2019

DS2 Programming: Essentials

12-13 FEB 2019

Applied Clustering Techniques

12-15 FEB 2019

State Space Modeling Essentials Using the SSM Procedure in SAS/ETS

12-15 FEB 2019

Processing Database and PC File Data with SAS/ACCESS Software

12-15 FEB 2019

Mass-Scale Predictive Modeling Using SAS Factory Miner

13-15 FEB 2019

Time Series Modeling Essentials

14-15 FEB 2019

SAS Visual Analytics for SAS 9: Fast Track

19-22,25-28 FEB 2019

Forecasting Using SAS Forecast Server Software

19-22 FEB 2019

SAS Visual Analytics 2 for SAS Viya : Advanced

19-22 FEB 2019

Forecasting Using SAS Software: A Programming Approach

20-22 FEB 2019

Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner

20-22,27 FEB-01 MAR 2019

Statistics 1: Introduction to ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression

20-22,27 FEB-01 MAR 2019

Deep Learning Using SAS Software

22 FEB 2019

SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques

25-26 FEB 2019

Introduction to SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata

25 FEB 2019

Introduction to SAS and Hadoop

26 FEB-01 MAR 2019

Forecasting Using Model Studio in SAS Viya 3.4

26 FEB-01 MAR 2019

SAS Programming 3: Advanced Techniques and Efficiencies

27 FEB-01 MAR 2019

SAS Grid Manager Administration

27 FEB-01 MAR,04-06 MAR 2019

Text Analytics Using SAS Text Miner

28 FEB-01 MAR 2019


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