Upcoming Events

Posted: 9/25/2017

4th Global Data Science Conference, Boston, October 16-18

What data has to teach us about deep learning? Crunch Data Engineering Conf., Budapest, Oct 18-20  

·       Oct 19-21, IEEE DSAA'2017: 2017 International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics. Tokyo, Japan.

 INFORMS Annual Meeting prepares for launch in ‘Space City’

The 2017 INFORMS Annual Meeting will be held in Houston, Texas, on Oct. 22-25. Houston is world renowned for its economy based in aeronautics, energy, manufacturing and transportation. Because it is the home of the NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and its strong ties to the aeronautic industry, it has earned the nickname “Space City.” New this year is the INFORMS Workshop on Data Science, a premier research event dedicated to developing novel data science theories, algorithms and methods to solve challenging and practical problems that benefit business and society at large. READ MORE.

Oct 23-24, Global Artificial Intelligence Conference. New York, NY, USA. Oct 23-25, PAPIs '17: 4th Int. Conf. on Predictive Applications and APIs. Boston, MA, USA.

Oct 24-26, Chief Learning Officer Forum, Fall. Boston, MA, USA. 

Oct 25-27, BigSurv 2018: Big Data meets Survey Science. Barcelona, Spain.

Oct 28, Lisbon.ai. Lisbon, Portugal.

Oct 29 - Nov 2, Predictive Analytics World for Business. New York, NY, USA.

Oct 29 - Nov 2, Predictive Analytics World Financial. New York, NY, USA.

Oct 29 - Nov 2, Predictive Analytics World Healthcare. New York, NY, USA.

PASS Summit - Deep Dive on Microsoft Data Platform, Seattle, Oct 31 - Nov 3

World class keynote speakers at Predictive Analytics World Healthcare, Oct in New York

Four Deep Track Themes at Predictive Analytics World, Oct in New York

November 2017

·       Nov 9-10, Deep Learning Summit. Hong Kong. 

·       Nov 10, MLconf SF: The Machine Learning Conference. San Francisco, CA, USA.

Nov 14, The Implementing Actionable Data Insights Conference. London, UK.

Nov 14-15, #BIChicago Business Intelligence Innovation Summit. Chicago, IL, USA.

Nov 14-15, #PAChicago Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit. Chicago, IL, USA.

Nov 14-17, PLOTCON, visionary conference for data visualization. New York, NY, USA. 

Nov 15-16, Big Data LDN. London, UK.

Nov 15-17, Big Data Spain #BDS17. Madrid, Spain.

Nov 16, Data Science, AI and Deep Learning. London, UK.

Nov 16-17, Data Natives. Berlin, Germany.

Nov 18, Workshop on Data mining for Aging, Rehabilitation and Independent Assisted Living at ICDM'17. New Orleans, LA, USA.

Nov 18-21, ICDM 2017: The 17th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining. New Orleans, LA, USA.

Nov 18, Workshop on Data Science for Human Capital Management (DSHCM) at IEEE ICDM'17. New Orleans, LA, USA.

Nov 22-23, Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit. Beijing, China. 

Nov 27-28, Artificial Intelligence World Forum. Toronto, Canada.

Nov 28-29, EnigmaCG Analytics Leaders Summit. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Nov 29 - Dec 1, DataSciCon: Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Big Data conference. Atlanta, GA, USA.

AI Expo, Delivering AI for a Smarter Future. Santa Clara, CA, USA.

December 2017

Winter Simulation Conference
The 2017 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC 2017) will be held Dec. 3-6 in Las Vegas at the Red Rock Resort. WSC is celebrating 50 years. In addition to a technical program of unsurpassed scope and quality, WSC is the central meeting place for simulation practitioners, researchers and vendors working in all disciplines in industry, service, government, military and academic sectors. READ MORE.

Dec 3-8, TDWI Orlando brings the future of data and analytics to life. Orlando, FL, USA.

Dec 4-6, Strata + Hadoop World. Singapore.

Dec 4-6, K-CAP 2017: Knowledge Capture. Austin, TX, USA.

Dec 4-9, NIPS 2017. Long Beach, CA, USA.

Dec 5, Argyle Leadership in Big Data and Analytics Forum. Chicago, IL, USA.

Dec 6-7, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science in Capital Markets. New York, NY, USA.

Dec 8, Healthcare Analytics: Making the World Better, free to attend, but registration required. Harrisburg University, Harrisburg, PA, USA.

Dec 11-12, #DataMarketing Big Data & Analytics for Marketing Summit. New York, NY, USA.

Dec 11-12, #ChiefDataNY Chief Data Officer Summit. New York, NY, USA.

Dec 11-12, #MLNY Machine Learning Innovation Summit. New York, NY, USA.

Dec 11-13, AI World Conference & Expo. Boston, MA, USA.

Dec 11-13, 5th Int. Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence. Bangalore, India.

Dec 11-14, 2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE Big Data 2017). Boston, MA, USA.

Dec 12-14, AI-2017, organized by BCS SGAI. Cambridge, UK.




Jan 11-13 CODS-COMAD 2018: ACM IKDD Conference on Data Science and International Conference on Management of Data. Goa, India.

Jan 17-19, BAFI 2018: 3rd Conf. on Business Analytics in Finance and Industry. Santiago, Chile.

Jan 17-19, Global Artificial Intelligence Conference. Santa Clara, CA, USA. 

Jan 22-26, EGC 2018, 18th conference francophone sur l'Extraction et la Gestion des Connaissances. Paris, France.

Jan 25-26, Re-WorkDeep Learning Summit. San Francisco, CA, USA. 

Jan 25-26, Deep Learning for Enterprise Summit. San Francisco, CA, USA.

Jan 25-26, AI Assistant Summit. San Francisco, CA, USA.

Jan 25-26, Advanced Analytics Forum. Berlin, Germany.



Feb 3-5, IQPC Applied AI Summit. London, UK.

Feb 8-9, Global Predictive Analytics Forum. Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Mar 22-23, AI Assistant Summit. London, UK.

Mar 22-23, Deep Learning in Finance Summit. London, UK.

Mar 22-23, Deep Learning in Retail and Advertising Summit. London, UK.

Apr 8-10, Int. Conference on Data Intelligence and Security. South Padre Island, TX, USA.

Apr 8-11, SAS Global Forum. Denver, CO, USA.

Apr 11-13, Marketing Analytics and Data Science conference. San Francisco, CA, USA.

Apr 12-13, Machine Intelligence Summit. Hong Kong.

Apr 12-13, Deep Learning Summit. Hong Kong. 

Webinar: Which Are the Best States for Data Innovation—and How Can Other States Learn From Them?
“The Best States for Data Innovation,” a recent report from the Center for DataInnovation, reviews a series of indicators that rank states on the degree to which they have achieved the key enablers of success in the data economy, including the availability of high-value datasets, the use of important technologies, and the development of human and business capital. Join Daniel Castro, co-author of the report and director of the Center for Data Innovation, and Paul Taylor, the chief content officer for e.Republic and editor-at-large of Governing magazine, on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, for an online discussion about the report and the opportunities state and local governments have to maximize their potential for data-driven economic development and progress