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Posted: 8/10/2018


U.S. Data Innovation Day 2018: The Future of Data-Driven Medicine
Join the Center for Data Innovation on Thursday, September 13, in Washington, DC, for its annual Data Innovation Day conference. This year's event will focus on the successful ways the pharmaceutical industry is using data to create more value in health care, especially by using data to drive down costs, bring drugs to market faster, and address the needs of different patient populations. With the advent of electronic health records, low-cost genome sequencing, molecular imaging, and wearable devices, the digital footprint of the average patient is rapidly expanding. As an increasing number of data scientists and computer scientists join those on the front lines of medical research and these researchers gain access to an enormous amount of computing power in the cloud, there will be unprecedented opportunities to use data to accelerate medical research and develop more cost-effective, personalized treatments. 

Integrating Europe’s AI and Cybersecurity Strategies
The European Commission is pursuing major initiatives in artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity. The goal of the latter is to improve awareness and response to the growing cybersecurity threats, while the goal of former is to ensure Europe’s competitiveness in the development and use of AI. However, integrating the initiatives will strengthen both. AI provides attackers new cybersecurity vulnerabilities to exploit and new methods to automate cyberattacks. Conversely, AI is a powerful tool for automating cyber defenses, discovering unknown vulnerabilities, and augmenting the shortage of human workers available to address cybersecurity challenges. That is why AI should play a key role in the EU’s cybersecurity strategy, and why cybersecurity should be a major part of its AI strategy. Join the Center for Data Innovation on Wednesday, September 26, in Brussels, for a conversation about how AI can help Europe secure its systems, and the steps Europe should take to build more secure AI.

Big Data Innovation, Data Mining And Analytics Summit 2018

Join Eminent Scientists, Entrepreneurs and Engineers from Europe, USA Asia Pacific, the Middle East to the Big Data Analytics Conferences and Data Mining.

Singapore | August 20-21, 2018

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Save the date

Mark your calendars now for the 2018 fall regional conferences. You don’t want to miss them!

Why present?

Got a fresh new idea or topic? Solved a problem using SAS? Looking to gain more visibility for you and your organization? Then send in your ideas to the conferences below for a presentation or e-poster. No topic is too small or too big. Your participation is a big part of what makes these conferences a success.

  • Share your knowledge so others can learn.
  • Enrich your presentation and publication skills.
  • Build relationships with peers.
  • It’s fun and educational!

Call for papers deadlines

  • WUSS – Now open. Abstracts due May 7.             
  • MWSUG – Now open. Abstracts due May 18.
  • SESUG – Now open. Abstracts due June 3.
  • SCSUG – Now open. Abstracts due Aug. 1.

Academic sections

  • Analytics and statistics.
  • Business leadership.
  • Data management/big data.
  • Data visualization and graphics.
  • Education/institutional research.
  • E-posters.
  • Hands-on workshops.
  • Industry solutions.
  • System architecture and administration and more.

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We look forward to reviewing your abstracts and involvement with the regional conferences in 2018.





Academic Chair: Andra Northup
Operations Chair:  Nina Worden



Academic Chair: Linda Sullivan 
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Academic Chair: Dave Foster
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Academic Chair: Gina Curbo
Operations Chair: John Taylor


CALLING ALL Data Science Enthusiasts!

The IDEAS SoCal 2018- AI & Data Science Conference is coming to Los Angeles Convention Center on October 20th, 2018!
We are inviting you to participate in this great event! Please come and join us if:
You are a data enthusiast!
You are interested in AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and More!
You want to know the latest trend!
You have ideas to share!
You want to make new friends and socialize!

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Global Tech Jam Event for Smart Cities returns to Portland in June

March 5, 2018 by Rich Brueckner Leave a Comment

The Global Tech Jam conference is coming up June 20-22 in Portland, Oregon. “This symposium will provide a leading venue for the presentation of the highest-quality original research, groundbreaking ideas, and compelling insights on future trends in Smart City Technology and Deployment.”


The AI Conference is coming to San Francisco

Registration is now open for the AI ConferenceAI Conference in San Francisco (September 4–7), and it's bigger than ever. You'll find more sessions covering the latest developments in the industry, more opportunities to relax and network, new programs like the AI Business Summit (executive briefings and case studies designed for business leaders and strategists), and more small group, 2-day training opportunities. Best Price expires June 8.

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